11 New MacGeyver-Style Mountain Bike Hacks

March 23, 2015

Pho­to: Rus­sell Haines, Nepal You may have already seen our 11 DIY Moun­tain Bike Hacks. Well, as many of us are gear­ing up for rid­ing sea­son, it’s time for some new ones. Lo and behold, here are 11 new MTB hacks that will have you primed for two-wheeled adven­tures, sav­ing mad…


From White Picket Fence to Mud Splattered Face

March 13, 2015

by Mea­gan Broughton As my role with Sacred Rides is to research, design, test and launch our Women’s Rides around the globe, I have been for­tu­nate enough to con­nect with many inspir­ing women. Some young, some retired, oth­ers just start­ing out in the sport mid-life. Some that race at a…


Top 5 Moab Mountain Bike Trails

March 8, 2015

Pho­to by Tyson  Swasey By Joshua Doucette Choos­ing the top five trails in Moab is a bit like choos­ing your favorite song. It all depends on what kind of mood you’re in, your ener­gy lev­el or how your day’s been. Maybe you want to blow off some steam, grab your…


Pricing Changes

March 4, 2015

For 19 years now, all of our Rides have been priced in Cana­di­an dol­lars, reflect­ing our long roots in Cana­da (and our bank­ing and cred­it card sys­tem). Until recent­ly, that has worked just fine for us, but with the recent sharp decline in the Cana­di­an dol­lar (and fore­cast con­tin­ued decline),…


3 Tips to Structure Your Training

February 28, 2015

Today’s guest blog post comes from Cer­ti­fied High Per­for­mance Coach and Ath­lete, Adam Mor­ka, founder of Wired For Per­for­mance.  First, we must under­stand, what is train­ing? “Train­ing can be defined as the stim­u­la­tion of bio­log­i­cal adap­ta­tions that result in an improve­ment in per­for­mance in a giv­en task.” — Dun­can Mac­dougall. Simple…


Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

February 26, 2015

On Feb­ru­ary 3rd, 2015, 9  sin­gle­track-lov­ing, adven­ture-hun­gry folks met in New Zealand’s South Island  for what one Rid­er described as “the best week of my life”. Dirt was shred, laughs were had and life­long bonds were formed. The  fol­low­ing is a short Rid­er-sub­mit­ted sto­ry, some snap­shots and a kick­ass 6‑minute…


Are You a Mountain Bike Racer?

February 14, 2015

Today’s guest post comes to us from Adam Rup­pel, founder of Chico Rac­ing. ARE YOU A MOUNTAIN BIKE RACER?  I know a lot of peo­ple don’t want to be con­sid­ered a moun­tain bike rac­er, espe­cial­ly these days as it is now a seri­ous Olympic sport. But maybe you’re a moun­tain bike…


Photo Journal: Pura Vida Yoga and Mountain Bike Retreat, Costa Rica

January 3, 2015

Sun Salu­ta­tions on a trop­i­cal beach.  White warm sand nes­tled between your toes.  Thoughts of the days ride induce a smile ear to ear.  The crack­le of a beach­side bon­fire off in the dis­tance.  Novem­ber 29 to Decem­ber 6, 2014 marked the launch of our inau­gur­al Pura Vida Yoga and Mountain…


The (Daunting) Ride Meal

November 19, 2014

You can feel it com­ing– you deny it at first. That slight­ly …emp­ty feel­ing that begins in your gut. You con­tin­ue ped­al­ing through your favourite sin­gle­track; not a care in the world. Per­haps your mind starts to wan­der; per­haps you ask your­self, “What did I have for break­fast, again?” or “How long…



September 20, 2014

Have You Hit a Plateau? Hit­ting a plateau in moun­tain bike skill devel­op­ment is a hard real­i­ty to face, although it hap­pens to the best of us.  Flat­ten­ing out after a major learn­ing curve of dial­ing in and mas­ter­ing new skills is com­mon.  Embrace the plateau!   Know anoth­er learning…