Slovenia / Croatia

$ 3,795.00

  • Ride Type: e‑MTB
  • Dates: June 2022 – Sep­tem­ber 2022
  • Dura­tion: 9 days
  • Fit­ness: Green Circle
  • Skill: Green Circle

Set against the spell-bind­ing views of the Julian Alps, nes­tled between Aus­tria and Italy and off the Adri­at­ic reach of the Mediter­ranean sits a coun­try of sub­lime nat­ur­al beau­ty. Slove­nia is ranked as the green­est and most sus­tain­able coun­try on the Plan­et by Nation­al Geo­graph­ic, and Triglav Nation­al Park stands…

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Slovenia / Croatia

$ 3,495.00

  • Ride Type: Mountain
  • Dates: May 2022 – Sep­tem­ber 2022
  • Dura­tion: 8 days
  • Fit­ness: Blue Square
  • Skill: Blue Square

The word Balkan comes from Turk­ish, mean­ing “chain of wood­ed moun­tains.” Had the ancient Turks rid­den moun­tain bikes, they might have come up with anoth­er word for “wood­ed moun­tains with killer moun­tain bik­ing.” The Balkan coun­tries of Slove­nia and Croa­t­ia are just that sort of place, with the Sloven­ian Alps and Istri­an moun­tains of…

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