Photo Journal: Mountain Bike Quebec City

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January 28th, 2020

Main Image: Francis Fontaine


Quebec is well known for its maple syrup and french fries covered in cheese curds and gravy, but perhaps lesser known is its equally delectable network of purpose-built singletrack within a short drive of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Quebec City.


New for 2020, we've linked together all four major trail networks near Quebec’s capital on two multi-day, fully-guided experiences; our six-day, co-ed Great Quebec Escape and our five-day women's-only Wilderness & Waterfalls Retreat. In addition to the region's amazing riding and stunning scenery, we'll explore the captivating culture, cuisine, hospitality and joie-de-vivre Quebec is famous for.


If you live in North America, chances are you’ve heard whispers of the boundary-pushing trail building happening in such impossible-to-pronounce places as Vallée Bras-du-Nord and Sentiers du Moulin (or at the very least, you’ve heard of the legend of Mont St-Anne through decades of World Cup racing). Here is your chance to sample all the goods not in a race format but in a fun and immersive experience, with all the care, attention and thought put into a Sacred Ride and brought forth by a phenomenal team of local guides providing the ultimate escape to la belle province.


Get a taste of what’s to come by checking out the following collection of images, then get ready to check this incredible destination off your bucket list!


Old Quebec City

With its winding cobblestone streets, the unmistakable Chateau Frontenac and the abundance of museums, art galleries and coffee shops, Old Québec exudes European charm at every turn. Let yourself be taken in by lovely auberges, exquisite cuisine and fascinating history as the only fortified city north of Mexico and the birthplace of French North America. Whether your taste buds lead you to poutine, foie gras or maple toffee, you'll fall in love with Old Québec.



EMPIRE 47 (distance from downtown: 30 minutes)

Empire 47 (or E47 for short) sits at the 47th parallel and is well-known as the world’s premier fatbiking centre, with over 45km of perfectly groomed fatbike trails. That said, rest assured the summertime singletrack is just as worthy of fame and admiration. With machine-built and hand sculpted trails like Huron, Kamasutrail and Belzebrute, you'll find that berms, bridges, flow lines and massive rock slabs dating back to the last ice age blend into a captivating melting pot. With a pump track and a flow trail near the entrance, Empire 47 is the perfect starting point to ease into Quebec riding.


Images: Étienne Dionne



Sentiers du Moulin (distance from downtown: 25 minutes)

The trails at Sentiers du Moulin have been built thanks to an incredibly dedicated crew and well over 10,000 hours of volunteer work. You can’t help but feel the passion, devotion and determination etched into every berm, bridge and rock garden on trails like Super G, QMG and the all-new Slab City, a masterpiece-of-a-trail that feels like one endless slab of Canadian Shield. With two sides of a mountain and over 40km of perfectly sculpted trails to explore, Sentiers du Moulin will leave you grinning from ear to ear.


Images: Étienne Dionne



Mont Saint Anne (distance from downtown: 40 minutes)

Mont Saint Anne has deep roots in the mountain bike racing world dating back 30 years, hosting its first UCI Mountain Bike World Championship in 1991. It’s home to some of the rowdiest, gnarliest and steepest terrain on the East Coast, where old-school DH lines and technical XC sections meld into a modern day Enduro melting pot. With the more recent addition of fun, flowy, blue-level trails like La Bouttaboutte, La Grisante, l’Adorila and La Cairn, MSA should be at the top of any passionate mountain biker's bucket list.


Images: Andy Vathis



Vallée Bras-du-Nord (distance from downtown: 60-75 minutes)

No trip to Quebec City is complete without a visit to Vallée Bras-du-Nord. With two separate sectors (Saint Raymond and Shannahan), VBN is home not only to incredible purpose-built singletrack, but to pristine and truly mesmerizing scenery. So wild and rugged is the landscape in Shannahan, you’ll have a hard time believing you’re just an hour away from an international airport and a bustling metropolis. Raging rivers, striking waterfalls and granite cliffs jutting from the forest floor are brought together by an undulating ribbon of perfectly carved singletrack. Trails like the Neilson and the all-new Légende - which features a massive slab ride next to a plummeting waterfall - can only be described as works of art that showcase the area’s varied landscapes in all their glory. Prepare to be amazed!


Images: Francis Fontaine



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