First Name: Kat
Last Name: Robinson
Bio: Based in Fernie, BC surrounded by the mountains, I get to share my passions of mountain biking and skiing by spending most of the summer teaching mountain biking both to adults and kids . I get to travel to many great places in both Canada and the US, April through to September then in the winter I teach skiing in Fernie. After moving out to Fernie 10 years ago, my job in the UK was a College Lecturer, I have always loved to teach and now my classroom is in the mountains.
My 'Sacred Ride': It's hard to pick one of the many awesome trails we have in Fernie but the Ridgemont network is my go to, as it is literally on my doorstep there is such a variety from various climbs to long boardwalks and a choice of steep technical descents or flowy twisty through the trees, I can go for 1-3 hrs and not ride the same trail. fall has to be my favorite time there as the trails become covered in a carpet of golden larch needles. Stunning scenery and fast, flowy and fun.