Sylvi White

Rides I Guide: Sublime Southwest
First Name: Sylvi
Last Name: White
Bio: I learned to mountain bike in 2002, in Durango, Colorado. Since then, mountain biking has brought me some of my most cherished friends and experiences, and has been a constant through the best and worst times of my life. It's amazing how a solo lap around the Slickrock bike trail can help me re-focus and gain perspective. I love sharing this sport with others, meeting new people, and showing them my favorite trails. I took my first job as a mountain bike guide in Moab, Utah in 2009, and started working with Sacred Rides in 2013. Mountain biking has given me so much, and I feel like I'm still just beginning to explore all that it has to offer: whether it's a new place, a new trail, a new bike, or a new friend to ride with. And I love that no matter how much I ride, there is always that next thing seducing me to improve and grow. I am a certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor, co-owner of Moab Mountain Bike Instruction, and serve on the board of directors for Moab's new IMBA chapter, Moab Mountain Bike Alliance.
My 'Sacred Ride': The Whole Enchilada, no question about it.