Fernie Mountain Biking: The Top 10 Trails

May 4, 2017

Three people sitting on mountain bikes on a path high over a mountain valley

Hey, My name is Ryan and I’m the Ride Direc­tor and Lead Guide for Sacred Rides British Colum­bia. I’ve been in a steady rela­tion­ship with bikes for about 32 years. I enjoy a wide vari­ety of bik­ing; be it all day all moun­tain, full speed down­hill, free-ride, dirt jumps, tri­als, errors, you name it, I’ll ride it. When I’m not rolling on a bicy­cle, I enjoy fix­ing them, or, rolling on dirt bikes and skate­boards, slid­ing on snow, climb­ing on rocks, yoga, slack­lin­ing and park­our. A gen­er­al love for action sports and the nat­ur­al world dri­ves my pas­sion to make a liv­ing doing what I love, and to share these expe­ri­ences with others.

With years of expe­ri­ence moun­tain bik­ing in British Colum­bia, and being part of the Fer­nie moun­tain bik­ing scene, I have com­piled a list of my favourite top 10 moun­tain bike trails in Fer­nie, B.C.—the place I call home.

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Hope you ride with you in British Colum­bia soon!

- Ryan drop­ping in on Dirt Dig­gler in Fernie.

My Top 10 Trails in Fernie, British Columbia

Dis­claimer: This list cov­ers a wide array of trails, and show­cas­es the diver­si­ty of moun­tain bik­ing in British Colum­bia.. I love the chal­lenge of rid­ing it all on one bike (my 6″ trav­el Knol­ly War­den), and I invite you to do the same. You can park any­where in Fer­nie, and eas­i­ly access all of these trails.

The fol­low­ing pho­tos all rep­re­sent trails in Fer­nie, a cou­ple pho­tos do not match the trail name they are under.

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    Rat­ing: Black Dia­mond
    This is a long time favourite of mine. It’s fast, twisty, and a heavy dose of tech­ni­cal. There are many tight cor­ners, root beds and sur­pris­es that throw you for a loop every time, I call it ‘bro­ken flow’. A sol­id sev­en min­utes of near­ly full speed shred­ding that leaves me feel­ing like I could do some­thing bet­ter every time I ride it. Com­pare your time to the pros for a slice of hum­ble pie.
Mountain Biker sitting on bike on high-up view point, looking out over green mountain valley under blue sky with cloud patches.
A GoPro look at Hyperextension
  1. KUSH
    Rat­ing: Black Dia­mond
    This trail is not on every­one’s top 10, because it’s a car­dio pumper. It takes you through sev­er­al steep ups and downs that require mas­sive ply­o­met­ric bursts of ener­gy to ride quick­ly. Calm your breath­ing before you start, then give ‘er hard and crank through Kush, Kushi­er, Kushi­est, and the lat­est exten­sion Kush­ion for a 4 part car­dio-crush­er with some awe­some high speed sec­tions. I’m sad to say the area has been fresh­ly logged, but the trail remains, and it will come back to life the more it gets ridden.
Two people riding mountain bikes down dirt trail on grassy hillside
    Rat­ing: Dou­ble Black Dia­mond
    The rea­son for the trails name was a result of Brad not com­ing to dig, just so you know.. This is an advanced free-ride jump trail, recent­ly rebuilt with ful­ly formed dirt jumps, berms, and rollers from top to bot­tom. Unless you fre­quent 15–20ft gaps, then this isn’t for you, but go check it out just for fun. It’s one of the first trails I laid eyes on in Fer­nie, and it cer­tain­ly made me think ‘Wow Man, Fer­nie is Rad’.
Looking up at spotlight shining on mountain biker jumping on bike in the air in front of large pine tree, surrounded by night blackness
  1. Phat Bas­tard
    Rat­ing: Black Dia­mond 
    What? An uphill in the top 10 list?! Yeah, that’s right. This is uphill at the  finest. An exam­ple of how real moun­tain bik­ers like to climb. This ain’t no fire road, well actu­al­ly it starts with a road climb to warm you up, then some tough dou­ble track to get the blood flow­ing and oxy­gen pump­ing, and then it gets HARD, but offers just enough breaks to catch half a breath between the 14 or so crux’s along the way. 
Two mountain bikers on a narrow, winding trail cutting horizontally across a steep, green mountainside
  1. Red Son­ja
    Rat­ing: Black Dia­mond
    When you get to the top of Phat Bas­tard then get into DH mode for this rip­ping descent. It only takes a cou­ple min­utes, but all you will remem­ber is a blur of excite­ment. This adren­a­line rush is like sky div­ing — it hap­pens fast, but it lasts a while. Com­bine with the trail Mush­room Head to get the full experience.
Person on mountain bike with front wheel popped up, ready to ride down wood slat ramp placed over the rusted out body of a car
  1. Project 9
    Rat­ing: Black Dia­mond 
    Leg­endary. There’s a beer named after it. Check out the Fer­nie Brew­ing  Company!
Man taking fast turn on mountain bike, kicking up dirt with back wheel towards camera
  1. Swine Flu
    Rat­ing: Blue 
    The locals favourite after­noon quicky. Feel like you need to squeeze one in? Go get some Swine Flu and come down feel­ing odd­ly sat­is­fied every time (unless you blow one of those cor­ners — these things hap­pen).  Want to get inspired to come ride Swine Flu…  WATCH THIS (video on Pink Bike)
Several people resting on benches and on the ground with mountain bikes, on high viewpoint looking over green mountain valley
  1. Undis­closed Name—Steep and Scary Down­hill
    Rat­ing: Dou­ble Black Dia­mond
    If you ask the locals about a trail name that starts with a hot dog condi­ment, and ends with a striped ani­mal, they might tell you about a place where only crazy peo­ple go. They will first size you up, size up your bike, and ask “Who sent you here?” Tell them you heard that this trail is amongst the steep­est in BC and you wish to con­quer it. Only then may the loca­tion be revealed. They might also sug­gest you ride Dopamine and Dig­gler first.
Mountain Biker riding away from camera on rocky trail at top of steep drop overlooking green mountain valley with bright sun overhead
  1. Old Goat
    Rat­ing: Blue
    Fer­nie Provin­cial Park is a mag­i­cal place. Lose your­self in this AM trail net­work through incred­i­ble old growth for­est. It’s rather coastal-like in the mossy, damp, thriv­ing nat­ur­al eco-sys­tem. The trees are huge, the scent is super nat­ur­al, and the trail sur­face is always loamy and organ­ic feel­ing. End a day of lift-access at Fer­nie Alpine Resort with a long mean­der­ing flow through the Park, all the way back to town. This is a unique expe­ri­ence you can only get here in one of the best moun­tain bik­ing towns in B.C.
Three Mountain Bikers riding off into the sunset on dirt path with wildflowers at forefront of image
  1. Unbuilt Down­hill Jump Flow Trail—Coming Sep­tem­ber 2017!
    The trail build­ing com­mu­ni­ty in Fer­nie is very active and pro­gres­sive. A lot goes into main­tain­ing the high qual­i­ty trails we have, and a lot of mon­ey and effort go into new trails every year. A project is offi­cial­ly get­ting under way to cre­ate a mod­ern super flow down­hill jump, berm, and roller trail. It will be a blue lev­el free-ride trail filled with black lev­el bonus fea­tures. We’re excit­ed and I know it will be on my top 10 list when it’s fin­ished, come check it out soon!
Mountain Biker in mid-jump off a ramp made of small logs in the woods

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Also check out the Fer­nie Tourism web­site and Tourism B.C. and for all the oth­er awe­some activ­i­ties you can do in the area!

And remem­ber, always go local. Rid­ing with a local guide and moun­tain bike expert in your cho­sen des­ti­na­tion has end­less ben­e­fits for both your over­all expe­ri­ence and safe­ty. If you’re think­ing of moun­tain bik­ing in Fer­nie, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you decide to trav­el with us or on your own, we’re always excit­ed to chat about moun­tain biking!