Top 6 Mountain Biking Blogs for Women

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Top 6 Mountain Biking Blogs for Women
April 2nd, 2015

Photo Credit: Martina Halik, of Raven Eye Photography


Are you a mountain biking Mom who needs some tips on juggling the act of shredding with the responsibility of family life?  Or maybe you need some inspiration to plan your next mountain bike road trip with your best girlfriends?  What about learning tips on skills like railing a burm instead of just riding through it?  The pages of these Top 6 Mountain Biking Blogs for Women have got you covered!


Top 6 Mountain Biking Blogs for Women


MTB4Her is an online community for female mountain bikers.  Check them out for news, articles, photos, videos and of course their online magazine.


Girl Bike Love
Girl Bike Love is about riding a bike, racing a bike, commuting by bike and more. Girl Bike Love's mission is to empower, inspire, and encourage more women to ride bikes.


Bike Shop Girl
Bike Shop Girl's founder, Arleigh Jenkins, has over a decade of bicycle industry experience dabbling in bike maintenance, bike fitting, commuting and racing.  Bike Shop Girl's goal is to reach more women and make their cycling experience better.





Pedal Adventures
Formerly known as Velo Mom, follow Jen's “live all in” approach to traveling by bike with a family, road schooling, working, and figuring out how to live each day knowing how brutal life can be.


Total Women’s Cycling
The Total Women’s Cycling mountain bike section offers tips, information and advice on all things related to mountain biking. Take a look through the specific mountain bike categories to pick up new trail skills, learn the basics of bike maintenance and read our in depth reviews across mountain bikes, accessories and clothing.


Eat Train Adventure

Eat Train Adventure strives to create, build and foster a community of women dedicated to learning, progressing and conquering new skills around topics such as: cooking, training and adventuring.


What's your favourite Mountain Biking Blog for Women? 


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