11 Brilliant Mountain Bike Hacks You Should Know About

mountain biking hacks
September 12th, 2014

These easy, do-it-yourself hacks will make life on your mountain bike even better.

1. Old mountain bike socks make handy phone protectors

Seal in a small Ziploc bag for weatherproofness

2. Wrap duct tape/electrical tape around pump to always have some handy

3. Store sunscreen and/or Chamoix Butter in contact lens case for daily amount

4. Store multitool, chain breaker, tire levers and/or CO2 cartridges in glasses case



5. Clipless pedals make for perfect beer bottle openers

6. Keep small amount of lube in travel-size shampoo container


7. Make your own energy bars instead of buying them

Like these protein bars or these energy bites

8. Old inner tubes make perfect resistance bands for pre/post ride stretching

9. Tape two old toothbrushes together to clean your chain

10. Throw half-filled water bladder in the freezer the night before a big ride to ensure ice-cold water

11. Cut old bar grips to use as fork stanchion protectors when traveling.

Cleaning and oiling your stanchions after every ride will help you get rid of dirt and increase their longevity.


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