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Why (Some) Mountain Biking Men Need To Grow The F!@# Up

Men, we have to do better.   Yesterday I saw a post in my Facebook feed - from a popular mountain bike group - that was a variation of a popular internet meme going around. Because of the heated discussion that ensued, the post has since been...

07 Oct 2017 Posted By: Mike Brcic
Greenland fatbike mountain bike adventure by Sacred Rides

My 'Deathbed Day' - Fatbiking Greenland

This past April I had what I can only describe as a 'deathbed day.'   It's not as morbid as it sounds, it was actually one of the best days of my life.  It even featured one of the most interesting meals of my life (more on...

23 Jun 2016 Posted By: Mike Brcic
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Help Us Make Mountain Bike History!

How would you like to help us make mountain bike history?   At Sacred Rides we've been pushing innovation in the mountain bike and adventure travel  industries for almost 20 years. From launching Canada's first overnight...

25 May 2016 Posted By: Mike Brcic
Watch 'The Trail to Kazbegi', a spectacular account of a mountain bike expedition to remote Georgia.

The Trail To Kazbegi: Mountain Bike Video of the Year

Every now and then a mountain bike video comes along that beautifully encapsulates why it is that we mountain bike, why it is that we travel with our mountain bikes, and why - as is our tagline - life is better on a mountain bike.   The Trail...

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Christmas Merch Sale!

AWESOME GIFTS FOR THE MOUNTAIN BIKER IN YOUR LIFE Christmas blowout alert! We're selling off our remaining Sacred Rides merchandise:  high-quality jerseys by Sugoi and 100% organic cotton t-shirts  by Me to We Style.   We...

08 Dec 2015 Posted By: Mike Brcic

The Sinking Loonie: Good News For You

  International friends and fans!   You may not be aware that our precious loonie (our vernacular for the Canadian dollar - there's a picture of a loon on our $1 coin) is sinking faster than the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (...

16 Sep 2015 Posted By: Mike Brcic

Our Poor Loonie (A Note For Our Canadian Fans)

  Canadian friends!   By now you've probably become aware that our precious loonie is sinking faster than the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. As of today (Sep. 16, 2015), the Canadian dollar sits at just .76 US dollars, down from...

16 Sep 2015 Posted By: Mike Brcic

Ultimate Winter Mountain Bike Sweepstakes - winner draw

WE HAVE A WINNER(S)! Thanks to all of you who participated in our Ultimate Winter Mountain Bike Sweepstakes, to win a free mountain bike trip for two to one of our winter destinations!   Today was our draw date, and in the interests of...

17 Aug 2015 Posted By: Mike Brcic
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A comprehensive primer on travel insurance: coverage types, types of travel insurance, how to select a plan, five loopholes and how to avoid them, travel insurance faqs

How to Buy Travel Insurance: A Travel Insurance Primer

Adapted from   Travel insurance is, on the surface, a pretty simple thing: go to a travel insurance website, plug in your details, review the quote and then purchase. Or talk to a travel agent and get them to...