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Where will you Mountain Bike in 2020?

Where will your 2020 mountain bike adventures take you? A new year brings new adventures.    Watch the video below for a little inspiration.      ready to plan your adventure? we can help....

15 Jan 2020 Posted By: Meredith Wires
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Ride The Mustang: Mountain Biking Nepal

Story & Photos by Bryan Cole @bcolective   the adventure begins... Thanks to a loose thread of an email and a mind set on exploring the potential for legendary Himalayan mountain biking ahead, I introduced myself to Mandil...

11 Dec 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
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The Key to Being Happy? Focus on (MTB) Experiences, Not Things

Too often we place our focus on accumulating things. It's a quick fix for making us feel happy and complete - but is it really feeding our souls in the long run? New research suggests that those material items definitely don't make us...

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Photo Journal: Mountain Biking & Heli-Biking in Spain

Join us on our Pyrenees & Beyond ride in beautiful Spain and pedal trails that crisscross over million-year-old sea beds, through abandoned middle-age villages, across wine regions, and along rocky foothills, before meeting the rugged...

05 Nov 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
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Mountain Biking Spain: History, Heli-Drops & Heart

Spain - known for the running of the bulls, rich red wine, flamenco dancing, sunny Mediterranean beaches, fascinating history and football (that's soccer to Canadians, eh?) - the country should now also be known as an incredible place to...

29 Oct 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
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Fall Mountain Bike Gear for Women

If you’re anything like me, as the temperatures get cooler, the sunsets earlier and the leaves start falling, it becomes harder to stay motivated to hit the trails. But, mountain biking through the cooler fall season is one of the best...

15 Oct 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
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Riding Gear Essentials for the Fall

Fall is by far my favourite season for riding. The air is cool & crisp, the bugs are gone, the colours start to turn and the dirt is extra tacky. Plus, after a season of riding under our belts, we tend to be at our fittest right around now...

30 Sep 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
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Review: Armour For Your Next MTB Adventure?

It's inevitable, if you mountain bike you will eventually take a spill. And, fingers crossed that when it does happen it's a slow-speed, low consequence tumble that you can walk (or ride) away from. Hopefully, there will be minor bruising...

20 Aug 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
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A Day Mountain Biking in British Columbia

We often get asked,  "What's it like to go on a Sacred Rides trip?" and it's a  difficult question to answer. It's challenging to put the experience into words.   Our mountain bike adventures showcase...