The Importance of Travel Insurance



We know, your eyes have glazed over...

nobody wants to read about insurance - but this is UBER important, so please, pretty please, give it a read!


Welcome to the Sacred Rides family! 


We're committed  to providing you with the trip of a lifetime! But, with any type of adventure travel you’ll want to be protected for events beyond your (and our) control.


Nobody likes to think about the bad things that can happen on a trip -­‐ lost luggage, a hospital visit, severe weather, delayed flights -­‐ but you do want to be covered if they happen. Travel insurance is an investment in you, and provides peace­‐of­‐mind.



a few important points:

  • travel medical insurance is mandatory  for all Sacred Rides trips. 

  • we highly recommend purchasing trip interupption and cancellation insurance.

  • our cancellation policy is strict, and no refunds can be provided within 60 days of your departure date. 



recommended travel insurance companies: 

Sacred Rides does not provide travel insurance to our Riders. The following list consists of travel insurance companies recommended based on our experience. We encourage you to do your own research to determine the best insurance company and coverage for you.



Recommended Policy:  Standard or Explorer Plan

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2.   GLOBAL RESCUE (U.S. citizens only)

Recommended Policy: Individual Medical Plan with Signature Travel Insurance 


frequently asked questions about travel insurance 

1. what should my travel insurance policy cover? 

If you have your own travel medical insurance it needs to:

a) cover evacuation (e.g. air evacuation) and hospital costs while in other countries

b) cover mountain biking trips (some policies include mountain biking in their list of 'extreme' sports that are not covered).


We strongly recommend also getting insurance that covers the following:

• Trip cancellation up to 100% of your trip cost

• Equipment protection for delay, loss, theft and damage (if traveling with your bike/expensive equipment). This can be covered through renter’s or home insurance. Check your policy.

• Trip interruption up to 100% of trip cost

• Medical expenses up to $50,000

• Emergency medical transportation up to $1,000,000


Our cancellation policy is strict. If you decide not to purchase cancellation/interupption  insurance, and then get hurt or sick before or during your Ride, we cannot provide a refund.

2. why is trip interupption/cancellation insurance important? 

Providing  you cancel your trip prior  to your departure date for a covered reason (see your policy for specific details), you can claim cancellation expenses that were incurred to you.  Travel insurance policies vary greatly, it is best to contact your travel insurance company directly to ensure you are covered. Interupption insurance will usually cover expenses if you need to leave the trip early  due to sickness, injury or an emergency. 


3. i'm bringing my own bike, will my travel insurance cover my bike? 

In most cases, travel insurance will NOT cover the cost of expensive mountain bikes if they are lost, stolen or damanged.  Most companies have a limit to the amount of coverage for luggage  (ie.  up to $1000). If you're traveling with your mountain bike and want to be sure it's covered, look in your home insurance plan or tenants insurance. In  many cases,  your home insurance policy  will cover the contents of your house when you take them on a trip. 


Don't forget to read the fine print , and talk about your options with an insurance broker. Additional fees may apply for insuring your bike under your home insurance policy, and you may have to list the bike on your policy for it to be covered - especially if it's an  expensive one :) 


4. what happens if i get injured on my sacred ride? 

  • Your safety is our #1 concern. If an injury occurs on the trail, our guides act as first responders and look after you with professional care. If emergency help or evacuation is needed, our guides will contact the nearest hospital/emergency care facility. 

  • Once you have received medical attention, it's important to contact your travel insurance company to make a claim. 

  • If your injury is substantial,  you may wish to end your trip early and return home. In most cases, if you purchased trip interruption insurance, your policy may cover costs associated with leaving the trip early. In this situation, Sacred Rides cannot provide any type of refund for leaving early. 

  • If you decide to stay on the Sacred Rides trip, but are unable to mountain bike, we cannot provide any type of refund. 



Once you purchase travel insurance, please update your Rider Dashboard  with your policy details.  Our guides need access to this information in case of an emergency. 


do you have more questions? 

drop us a line. 

1-888-423-7849 ext. 2