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Bound­ed by numer­ous 10,000 foot peaks, wild rivers and creeks, the Saw­tooth Nation­al For­est, and drool-wor­thy singletrack—Sun Val­ley moun­tain bik­ing sets you right amongst all this raw and rugged beauty.

This exclu­sive 6‑day ride tells the sto­ry of the wild west. It was­n’t until gold was dis­cov­ered in the 1870s that Sun Val­ley start­ed to become pop­u­lat­ed by Euro­pean set­tlers and prospec­tors. But it was­n’t just the gold that put this gem on the map, it was and still is famous for its heal­ing hot springs. 

Though it’s boom­ing with his­to­ry, we’re going for the rugged back­coun­try sin­gle­track, moun­tain­sides scat­tered with lodge­pole pine and Dou­glas fir trees, spo­radic groves of aspens, brew­eries, and the best post-ride après. With over 400 miles of trails that are all with­in a 30-minute shut­tle ride, or a short ped­al from your doorstep and a wel­com­ing, tight-knit moun­tain bik­ing com­mu­ni­ty, it’s with­out ques­tion a des­ti­na­tion we could­n’t pass up. From high alpine big moun­tain rides with 360 views of the 5 sur­round­ing moun­tain ranges and long flowy descents, you’ll be grin­ning from ear to ear. These epic views and descents are encom­passed with long climbs along moun­tain ridges, creeks, and lush forests that will keep your heart pound­ing. You’ll earn those après drinks on these rides. 

We’re excit­ed to announce that we’ve joined forces with the local out­door retail­er, Sturte­vants for on-the-ground gear sup­port and sup­plies. Sturte­van­t’s his­to­ry of sup­ply­ing the North West out­door adven­tures is a per­fect addi­tion for this Sacred Rides experience.

For accom­mo­da­tions we’ve part­nered with a favorite amongst trav­el­ers, and it’s right on main street in Ketchum—The Lime­light Hotel. It was once a rough-and-tum­ble bar in the mid­dle of a rapid­ly expand­ing par­adise and is now thriv­ing as a lux­u­ry hotel in a town that con­tin­ues to expand.

Get ready to fill your lungs with pris­tine air, your bel­lies with amaz­ing food, and your cam­era with incred­i­ble mem­o­ries. Plus, for those look­ing to fly in with­out the has­sle of pack­ing your bike, we’ve part­nered with Giant Bicy­cles to offer you great trail bikes for the week. It’s time for you to let loose in the beau­ti­ful moun­tains of Idaho.

Is This Ride For You?

You love big moun­tain rid­ing that includes long climbs and fast and flowy descents mixed in with some expo­sure and tech­ni­cal sec­tions. You don’t mind jump­ing off the bike for an occa­sion­al push to get the best views, high ele­va­tion, and more fun descents. You can han­dle long days in the saddle. 

Day 1. Your Intro­duc­tion to Sun Val­ley Moun­tain Bik­ing: Creeks and Gulches

Wel­come to Sun Val­ley, Ida­ho! Grab some break­fast and get ready to hop in the shut­tle. We’ll be doing local pick-ups and then head­ing to the trail­head. Here we’ll get bikes set up if you shipped your own or get fit­ted on one of our Giant Trances.

Today’s ride is one of the val­ley’s favorite for not only moun­tain bik­ing but all forms of recre­at­ing. We will encounter wide open views of the sur­round­ing moun­tains, green mead­ows, and if we’re lucky we might catch stands of aspens turn­ing gold. From steady climbs amongst pine and aspen forests to fast and flowy descents this will be a great intro­duc­tion to the days ahead. 

After recap­ping a great first day on our shut­tle ride back to town, we will then check into our rooms at the beau­ti­ful Lime­light Hotel. We will give you some time to clean up and then head out for din­ner, drinks, and an in-depth look at the epic week that lies ahead.

Din­ner will be a taste of North­west Rocky Moun­tain influ­enced with a vari­ety of Amer­i­can and Euro­pean classics. 

Day 2.  Green­horn Trail Network

After a hearty break­fast at your hotel, we’ll head over to the pop­u­lar Green­horn trail network. 

These trails cross through a vari­ety of ripar­i­an veg­e­ta­tion from sage­brush to aspen trees before climb­ing through dense pine and fir forests to the top of a ridge­line. Once you reach the high point, you will be greet­ed with out­stand­ing views of the Pio­neer Moun­tains. From here we will drop into a short flowy descent before climb­ing back up through an exposed burn area. From there its all pure good­ness. The trail winds through grin-induc­ing bermed turns, rollers, and fast flow.

We will return to an ice cold cool­er full of beer and refresh­ing spritzers—cheers to an epic ride before head­ing back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. 

Din­ner will be in a cozy his­toric cab­in, where they serve New Amer­i­can Cui­sine and offer an exten­sive wine list.

Day 3. Gale­na Lodge and Ketchum

Enjoy break­fast at the hotel before tak­ing a scenic dri­ve north to the old min­ing town of Gale­na, which boast­ed the biggest com­mu­ni­ty in the Wood Riv­er Val­ley back in 1879. Now it’s known as Gale­na Lodge and a place for locals and vis­i­tors to enjoy fun, flowy sin­gle­track, epic views, and phe­nom­e­nal food.

Here we have 40+ miles of trails that wind through old min­ing sites, cab­ins, forests of pine trees, and big views of the Boul­der and Smokey moun­tains. We’ll ride a fun mix of trails where the climbs will be grad­ual, and the descents will be fast and full of mas­sive flow. 

We’ll enjoy lunch at the lodge, and if you’re feel­ing up for it, we can take a few more laps before head­ing back down to the valley.

Day 4. Osberg Ridge Singletrack

Today we’ll enjoy a nice break­fast before head­ing out on a short shut­tle ride up Bak­er Creek road—this is where the fun begins. We’ll be rid­ing superb, high alpine sin­gle­track all the way back into town, and we’ll end with après at the local brewery. 

We’ll start on Osberg ridge with a nice steady climb, which will be one of three—mostly grad­ual through pine for­est and open mead­ows. Be sure to look around as you are sur­round­ed by the rugged Boul­der and Smokey moun­tains. As the trail con­tin­ues to twist and turn with views around every cor­ner, we’ll even­tu­al­ly get to one of the best descent in the val­ley. This will bring us right to the edge of town, and from there we’ll ped­al down to the local brew­ery for a much deserved cold one.

Day 5. Deer Creek 

After anoth­er tasty break­fast, we’ll head out towards Warm Springs Road to start today’s epic ride. 

Bring your legs and lungs! Right out of the gate we’ll be ped­al­ing up through forests of pine, fir, and aspen trees. When we hit the ridge­line it opens up to 360 views of the sur­round­ing moun­tain tops. We’ll have a few more climbs mixed in with some fun descents that are sure to put a smile on your face. The last sec­tion of this ride is a fast and flowy descent with big sweep­ing turns and wide open mead­ows. Even bet­ter, it pops out right at one of the area’s pop­u­lar hot springs—time for a soak!

Tonight, you’ll get a taste of mag­ic at a rus­tic restau­rant that focus­es on local pro­duce and the best of what Ida­ho has to offer. 

Day 6. Cold Springs to Warm Springs

Grab some break­fast, and get your bags packed and loaded. For our last ride, we’ll start from town and do a big loop across Sun Val­ley Resort. 

We’ll jump on the bike path and head towards the Cold Springs trail­head. From there, it’s a con­sis­tent grad­ual climb through forests of pines and Dou­glas fir, even­tu­al­ly open­ing up to an exposed tra­verse on the back side of Bald Moun­tain. Once we hit Warm Springs trail, be ready for a roller­coast­er ride all the way back to the base of Bald Moun­tain, and be sure to save some legs for the short climb to Lit­tle Amer­i­ca Point. 

When we’re done, it’ll be time for a big round of hugs and high fives. Then we’ll shut­tle you to your hotel of choice or the air­port. It’s been a slice! 

Picture yourself here…

The fol­low­ing data rep­re­sents a typ­i­cal itin­er­ary, but adven­ture trav­el can be unpre­dictable and our Guides may need to make last-minute changes to ensure your enjoy­ment. Inclement weath­er, road clo­sures, changes to the itin­er­ary to accom­mo­date requests, and oth­er issues may affect the itin­er­ary. The ride data rep­re­sents an ‘aver­age’ itin­er­ary, and may dif­fer when you actu­al­ly show up to ride. Our guides make every effort to stick to the itin­er­ary as post­ed, but your safe­ty is our #1 priority.

Ride Data: Sun Valley

Day Hours of riding Distance ridden Elevation gained Elevation lost Highest elevation
1 4.5 21 3325 3086 7596
2 4 16 3004 2811 7960
3 6 25 4086 4588 8999
4 5 27 2542 4297 9590
5 5 28 3691 3751 8521
6 4 22 3969 3460 8281
Totals 28.5 HRS

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Dates chosen: Dec. 31, 1969—Dec. 31, 1969
Skill Rating: Blue Square
Fitness Rating: Black Diamond
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Skill Levels
Black Diamond

The Black Diamond Rides are  suitable for riders looking for that edge. Maybe it’s the edge of a drop, the edge of a cliff, or singletrack requiring focus and fast reactions developed from extensive experience riding “the edge”. You will find yourself on steep trails of varied surfaces. In the Pacific North West that could be slick roots and loam, in Nepal you will find exposed granite in the Mustang Valley and in Guatemala it maybe narrow stairways through cliffside villages. While airtime is rarely required, the ability to find the backside or clean a tabletop should be comfortable or in a state of progress. Obstacles on Black rides are likely to be outside the range of your bikes ability to cover your goofs with its awesome suspension and grip.

Blue Square

In general, Blue trails are narrower than green trails, encounter unavoidable obstacles such as roots, rocks, and drops that are up to 8-inches tall. You will want to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of mountain biking including body positions, powerful braking, cornering, riding on varied terrain, steep sections and experience riding trails that requires line choice. Airtime is not mandatory, but you will find yourself on trails with alternate lines giving you the option.

Double Black Diamond

A Double Black ride is for those that already know they are looking for a Double Black. It’s going to be very hard and require advanced bike handling skills. You will find yourself on trails with sections most non-riders would look at and say, “that’s totally nuts!”. You will know how to look at a line and contemplate where it will work and where it won’t. Drops of a couple feet should be comfortable and getting your bike off the ground should feel predictable and fun.

Green Circle

Typically, green Rides are safe for beginners. Green Rides may have both avoidable and unavoidable obstacles. Trails are generally low grade, wide, consistent surface texture and have minimal features. You are likely to come across unavoidable obstacles 2-inches or shorter, which is small enough for mountain bike tires to simply roll over. More challenging than tarmac, but in general, a wonderful Ride for those riders new to mountain biking or looking for a casual experience.

Fitness Levels
Black Diamond

A Black Fitness ride will test you. Aside from needing to be able to manage up to 6 hours on the bike, day after day, including distance up to 50km/30miles and elevation gains up to 1750m/5000feet of climbing, you will be adding extra challenges along the route like periods of hike-a-bike and the extra effort required by the whole body to safely dance with your bike over technical terrain. Generally, riders who are up for a Black Fitness ride, likely spend time on the bike a couple times each week.

Blue Square

Blue should be considered a good deal more effort than our Green Rides.  You should be able to handle 3 to 5 hours in the saddle covering up to 45km/30miles and be able to pull off a big day of 1000m/3000feet of elevation gain. Managing fuel is important as well.  You should have a good understanding how your body responds to multiple days on the bike. We will help with positive coaching, a manageable pace and plenty of trailside snacks.

Double Black Diamond

A Double Black will be for those with the strength and endurance to get to the top of anything they want and understand the term “turning the screw”. Distance could be quite high on some routes and elevation gain numbers could hit 2000m/6000 feet+ in a day. You are likely riding multiple days a week during the dry periods and have a trainer or belong to a gym for the rest of the year.

Green Circle

You should be ready to spend 2-4 hours per day on the bike. Mileage may be up to 30km/20 miles and elevation gain will be under 500m/1500feet. On e-MTB tours, numbers will be higher, however the approximate effort would be considered similar to a standard Green Circle ride. If you get on your bike once a week, you will be just fine. However, when preparing for a Ride, you will benefit from more rides and time in the saddle.