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Mountain Biking in Peru
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Getting Lost (and Found) in Peru's Sacred Valley

By Randy Barcena.   I remember sitting on my parents’ couch after the clock hit midnight on New Year's Eve.    Though it was still months away, I was already thinking about what I was going to do for my...

14 Aug 2019 Posted By: Nate Lessnick
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8 Videos That Will Make You Want to Mountain Bike In Peru

We invited Ryan from the Loam Ranger YouTube Channel to join us on our Inca Trail All-Mountain ride in Peru.    Ryan isn't only a great mountain biker.   He also has a special talent for capturing moments that make our...

08 Nov 2018 Posted By: Meredith Wires
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Pedaling Peru: Blending Mountain Biking and Inca Culture

 I gazed out the airplane window as the houses, roads and hustle bustle of  Lima, Peru's largest city slowly faded into the clouds.  I closed my eyes to imagine the 10 days of mountain biking that lay ahead. In just over an hour,...

29 Sep 2017 Posted By: Meredith Wires
mountain bike peru
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The Best Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Videos

Over the past 21 years, we have  had mountain bikers from around the world join us on  our  rides. Along the journey (from Nepal to Peru , Patagonia and  Costa Rica) riders  have put together  engaging, creative footage...

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Mountain Biking Peru: A Reunion to Ride Peru's Sacred Valley

  What's the best way to reunite with a brother you haven't seen in awhile? A high-five at the Lima, Peru airport, and 8 days of mountain biking in Peru's Sacred Valley, of course!   Claus and Kim joined our  Inca...

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5 Must Watch Mountain Bike Films From Around The World

The following five films highlight amazing mountain biking destinations around the world, as well as the amazing evolution of the sport over the past few decades. From Brtiish Columbia, Canada to the Mustang Valley in Nepal, these films will have...