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Interview: Inspiration from our Female Guides

The Sacred Rides team is comprised of some of the best mountain bike guides in the world. Full of energy, contagious enthusiasm, a strong generosity of spirit and a deep passion to share their love of mountain biking with riders from around the...

18 Feb 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
women mountain biking
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6 Reasons More Women Should Mountain Bike

Today's guest post is from Marjorie Fernandez at Belle Rider.   Mountain biking has been around for decades and is continually evolving through the bikes, gear, trails and technology. It's also rapidly growing every year by...

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Staff For Women

S@#T Women Mountain Bikers Do

We’re our own breed.  A different walk of life.  We’re creative.  We’re loving.  We’re tough.  We’re sexy.  We’re strong.  And, we need to pee - often.   Always scheming...