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15 items under $15 you should pack on a mountain bike trip

So you have your bike packed along with your helmet, shoes, gloves, toolkit, snacks and gear. You’re ready for your bike trip, right?   Hmmm... not quite. You see, the items below may not typically be included in your average...

6 Reasons to Do a Multi-Day Mountain Bike Trip

Mountain biking after work or hitting the trails on the weekend is a great way to decompress, stay in shape and connect with your riding pals, but every so often to truly recharge your batteries, you should think about planning a multi-day...

20 Mar 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
mountain bike trip
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16 Things To Do When Traveling With Your Mountain Bike

Traveling with your mountain bike can be  stressful, exhilarating  and  adventurous . With 21 years of experience designing, planning, guiding and delivering mountain bike adventures around the world, we guarantee you'll learn a...

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5 Reasons To Book A Guided Multi-Day Mountain Bike Adventure

Have you ever thought about booking a  guided multi-day mountain bike adventure? If you’re a passionate mountain biker, love exploring new trails, learning new skills and meeting new bike buddies - a guided mountain bike trip might just...

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Staff Travel Tips

Top 6 Free Apps for Your Next Mountain Bike Trip

  Whether you are heading out on a week long adventure, or you are hitting the trails for a couple hours - here are the Top 5 (free!) Mobile Apps every mountain biker needs.   1. Singletracks Find mountain bike trails close to home...

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Our guides are a breed of their own: part coaches, motivational speakers, story tellers, first aiders, mechanics, group facilitators and local knowledge gurus – they have an admirable set of people skills, a meticulous sense of organization...