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Celebrate International Women's Mountain Bike Day

Did you know? Today is International Women’s Mountain Bike Day!   The International Mountain Bike Association  (IMBA)  has deemed  May 5th International Women’s Mountain Bike Day! A celebration of all the ladies...

05 May 2018 Posted By: Meredith Wires
womens mountain biking
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8 Signs Women's Mountain Biking Is On the Rise

Over the past 15 years, there has been an extraordinary shift  in the sport of mountain biking. The evolution of new technology, gear, races, destinations and the expansion of trail systems around the world has opened new doors for the sport....

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Women's Mountain Biking: What's Your Story?

I am a woman, and a mountain biker.   I started biking about seven years ago out of necessity. Literally.   I accepted a job at a resort and was responsible for developing, coordinating and guiding outdoor recreation programs...

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How to Find Other Women to Mountain Bike With

About the Author: Jill Hinton Wolfe is the Chief Heroine of Outdoor Book Club, a community of women who love books and the outdoors.   Finding your mountain biking BFF isn’t always easy, especially when you first start out. Many of us...

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Photo Journal: Blue Mountain Women's Weekend

For many mountain bikers, Ontario, Canada is a hidden gem. With loads of beautiful decidious forests, rolling hills and lakeside trails, finding some sweet singletrack is not hard.  We held our first Blue Mountain Women's Weekend in June,...

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8 Myths About Women Who Mountain Bike

About the Author: Jill Hinton (above right) is a mountain biker and Chief Heroine of the Outdoor Book Club, an online community of outdoors women who love books. You can follow her on Twitter @outdoorbookclub or contact her directly to learn more...