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Should You Be Mountain Biking Right Now?

This detailed chart will determine if you should be mountain biking right now!   Well, what are you waiting for?   We're not just writers, we're riders too! In addition to writing about mountain biking and...

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Rider Destinations

I Love Biking

Hi, my name is Pete... I'm not what you'd call a writer or a blogger by any stretch of the imagination... I do however have something to say about Sacred Rides.   Last year I went on a trip to Peru, the trip was in one word "...

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The 7 Best Mountain Bike Videos on The Internet

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these awe-inspiring mountain bike videos - be prepared, you may want to hit the trails after watching each one!   The 7 Best Mountain Bike Videos on The Internet   1. the ridge - danny...

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7 Characteristics of A Mountain Biker

Don't worry - I know mountain bikers definitely have more than 7 characteristics that makes them  awesome, I just thought I would highlight a few of the reasons why I think mountain bikers are a solid group of folks.  Feel free to add...

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VIDEO: This Is Why We Ride!

We asked mountain bikers around the world a simple question: "Why do you ride?" This video is their responses to that question - a celebration of mountain biking around the world. why do you ride? let us know in the comments below...

Top 15 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Mountain Bikers

Let's face it, as much as we'd all like to spend every waking hour on our bikes, we all have to spend some time waiting in line, grabbing a bite or sitting  on the crapper. Might as well turn that into productive time, right? Hence the...

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Staff Travel Tips

Top 6 Free Apps for Your Next Mountain Bike Trip

  Whether you are heading out on a week long adventure, or you are hitting the trails for a couple hours - here are the Top 5 (free!) Mobile Apps every mountain biker needs.   1. Singletracks Find mountain bike trails close to home...

10 Ways Yoga Benefits Mountain Bikers

Why combine mountain biking with yoga? After all, doesn’t a post-ride ‘cerveza’ do the same trick to boost your body into rest and relaxation mode? The beer might hit the spot, but as your muscles seize up, your body won’t be...

What is your next "microadventure"?

  At Sacred Rides, we encourage travellers and mountain bikers to step out of their comfort zones and experience new adventures. After all, you learn a lot about yourself and others when you take risks, get outside and explore. Many people...