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Fall Mountain Bike Gear for Women

If you’re anything like me, as the temperatures get cooler, the sunsets earlier and the leaves start falling, it becomes harder to stay motivated to hit the trails. But, mountain biking through the cooler fall season is one of the best...

15 Oct 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
mountain bike gear
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Riding Gear Essentials for the Fall

Fall is by far my favourite season for riding. The air is cool & crisp, the bugs are gone, the colours start to turn and the dirt is extra tacky. Plus, after a season of riding under our belts, we tend to be at our fittest right around now...

30 Sep 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
mountain bike gear
mountain bike accessories, mountain bike tips, mountain bike tools, mountain bike gear

5 Mountain Bike Accessories You Should Never Leave The House Without

Today's guest post is from Steve Laurel at Bike Racks for SUVs.   There’s definitely no shortage of gadgets and accessories available for mountain bikers! You could spend weeks shopping for the latest doodad, but having a garage...

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8 Must-Have Mountain Biking Gear for Beginners

  So, you bought yourself a shiny new mountain bike. It's time to hit the trails, right?   Hold your horses there, partner! Here are 8 must have mountain bike accessories for beginners. You'll want to review this...


Sacred Rides' Top 10 MTB Gear List

Our guides log in a helluva lot of miles on their bikes – usually well over 2,500 miles during their respective riding seasons. And with all that riding comes a certain level of expertise in the realm of mountain bike gear – what works...

26 Feb 2014 Posted By: Nate Lessnick
mountain bike gear