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Yoga for Mountain Bikers: Tips & Poses

We recently caught up with Sacred Rides guide Johanna Weintrager. Johanna has a contagious smile and enthusiastic energy, as well as an impressive and wide array of skills. She's an international mountain bike guide, yoga instructor, rock...

01 May 2019 Posted By: Meredith Wires
Mountain biking tips
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Tips for Buying a Mountain Bike - For the 'Non-Technically Minded'

Today's guest post is from Robyn Goldsmith.  Follow Robyn on Instragram, or through her blog "Scenes from the Trail." buying a mountain bike  Buying a new mountain bike can be an intimidating experience. If you aren...

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Tips For Your First Mountain Bike Adventure

Today's guest post if from Daisy Grace at Global Internet Magazine. Before heading out on your first mountain bike adventure – whether for an hour, afternoon or a full day, it’s important to be prepared with the proper equipment,...

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6 Ways To Improve Your Mountain Bike Skills

Have you reached a mountain biking plateau? If you’re ready to take your mountain bike skills to the next level, focus on these six ways to improve your skills. 1. ride on different terrain Improving your mountain bike skills will happen...

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What the Pros Ride - Part 1

Over the next few weeks, we'll be introducing you to our lead guides from around the world and their trusty steeds.  Our guides spend  some serious quality time  on their two-wheeled machines - racking up thousands of  klicks...

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Back Pain from Mountain Biking? Here is How to Cure It and Avert It

About the Author: Sara Biston is an experienced blogger who is passionate about health and wellness, nutrition and beauty. Sara focuses on spreading positivity through her writing, as well as educating and offering advice on living a healthy...

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The Meditative Benefits of a Solo Mountain Bike Ride

About the Author: Louise Smith is an avid mountain biker, hiker and outdoor enthusiast. After a successful career in marketing, keynote speaking, writing and corporate training, she has semi-retired to a chalet ‘in the Ontario north.'...

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Mountain Bike Tips: lateral balance (think cornering and skinnies!)

 In the video below, Johanna Weintrager, our Lead Guide and Professional Mountain Bike Instructor from British Columbia, helps us understand lateral balance used in cornering and on skinnies.   Try Johanna’s tips and tricks on your...

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Mountain Bike Tips: Riding Positions

In this video, Johanna Weintrager, our Lead Guide and Professional Mountain Bike Instructor from British Columbia, takes us through mountain bike skills required for successful climbing and descending. Johanna demonstrates when to use the “...