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6 Superfoods That Sustain Your Energy While Riding

Today's guest post if from Scott Reid.    When you are planning to go on a long ride, or just need an energy boost for long days in the saddle, it’s important to make sure your diet is healthy and full of nutritious...

11 Sep 2018 Posted By: Meredith Wires
Mountain bike nutrition
Mountain bike nutrition

Mountain Bike Nutrition: Post-Ride Tips

Today's Guest Post is from Sandra Crowe,  Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Visit her website,   Fit Kitchen Diva for tasty, healthy recipes, and nutrition tips. While there, sign up for her Free 3 Day Sugar-Free challenge, packed...

03 Nov 2017 Posted By: Meredith Wires
Mountain bike nutrition
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Best Nutritional Snacks For Mountain Bike Travel

Today's guest post is from: Maria Banfield, a health and nutrition writer for Fit and Heal.   One of the most important aspects of traveling with your mountain bike is to make sure you're eating properly. Whether you're flying to...

Mountain bike nutrition

The (Daunting) Ride "Meal"

You can feel it coming– you deny it at first. That slightly ...empty feeling that begins in your gut. You continue pedaling through your favourite singletrack; not a care in the world.   Perhaps your mind starts to wander...

18 Nov 2014 Posted By: Meagan Broughton
Mountain bike nutrition
pre ride meal tips

Mountain Bike Nutrition: 5 Tips For Your Pre-Ride Meal

Mountain Bike Nutrition - The Pre-Ride Meal  Feeling light headed during your morning interval session?  Hungry soon after you eat that morning bagel? These are results often related to an unbalanced breakfast. Science has shown...

18 Aug 2014 Posted By: Meagan Broughton
Mountain bike nutrition

How to Eat While Mountain Biking - the Ride 'Meal'

Mountain Bike Nutrition, Part 1 - The Ride 'Meal'   If you are anything like me, and most avid cyclists I know, you like to eat - a lot.  This shouldn't change when on the bike.  Eat - a lot, and often.  ...

31 Jul 2014 Posted By: Meagan Broughton
Mountain bike nutrition
Tropical Whim recipe my Miguel Lozano, Sacred Rides mountain bike guide

Tropical Whim - a mountain biker's recipe!

Our lead guide Miguel Lozano in Peru is renowned for his cooking. On our Inca Adventure and Inca Trail Rides he's famous for preparing incredible meals. He's protective of his recipes, but we managed to coax this simple but delicious one -...

16 Oct 2013 Posted By: Mike Brcic
Mountain bike nutrition