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8 Signs Women's Mountain Biking Is On the Rise

Over the past 15 years, there has been an extraordinary shift  in the sport of mountain biking. The evolution of new technology, gear, races, destinations and the expansion of trail systems around the world has opened new doors for the sport....

Women's Mountain Bike Videos: Check out these 4 videos under 4 minutes for some inspiration, technique tips, ideas and just plain ol' laughs.
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Women's Mountain Bike Videos: 4 videos under 4 minutes

Women'S MOUNTAIN BIKE VIDEOS: 4 videos under 4 minutes   After a long Canadian winter with months of wheels spinning on resin at my local indoor bike park, and stationary at my local YMCA, I turn to video to get my head back in...

women's mountain biking, women and mountain biking

9 Observations from All-Women Mountain Bike Rides

Most for better, none for worse, here are 9 common observations (I have made) while on all-women mountain bike rides.     #1. SITUATION: Start of a long ride. OBSERVATION: Discussion amongst the group as to who has to...

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The Women's Guide to Mountain Biking

Mountain biking tips for women In conjunction with our new line of Women's Trips and Skills Camps, we're now sharing our extensive knowledge of mountain biking, including some specific tips for women  in a comprehensive new...

11 Aug 2014 Posted By: Meagan Broughton
women's mountain biking
women's mountain bike survey results by Sacred Rides
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Women's Mountain Bike Survey Results

A huge shout out to all the women (2110 to be exact!) that participated in our Survey: Women's Mountain Bike Trips and Skills Camps.   At Sacred Rides, we like to help the mountain bike community in any way possible, so we have...

17 Jul 2014 Posted By: Meagan Broughton
women's mountain biking