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The Key to Being Happy? Focus on (MTB) Experiences, Not Things

Too often we place our focus on accumulating things. It's a quick fix for making us feel happy and complete - but is it really feeding our souls in the long run? New research suggests that those material items definitely don't make us...

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15 items under $15 you should pack on a mountain bike trip

So you have your bike packed along with your helmet, shoes, gloves, toolkit, snacks and gear. You’re ready for your bike trip, right?   Hmmm... not quite. You see, the items below may not typically be included in your average...

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How to Film Mountain Bike Adventure Travel Videos

Today's guest post is from Tom Bell, a professional XC mountain bike racer, writer, podcaster and cycling coach.   www.tombell.co, @bytombell.   Action cameras from GoPros to Garmins have given riders the tools to document...

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5 Flight Hacks To Book Cheap Plane Tickets

Today's Guest Post is from the Flight Delay Claims Team. To view the full article, click HERE - and Get 10 more Flight Hacks!   Have you ever been looking for a flight that you’re not quite ready to book, and every time...

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How To Plan A Mountain Bike Trip

If you’re anything like me, you've notice that times flies. You set a goal and commit to achieving that goal in two months time, and then in the blink of an eye the two months is up and you ask yourself, where did that time go?!? There are...

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Simple Tips for Traveling Abroad

Are you a northern hemisphere dweller? As we approach the shortest day of the year, you might be itching to travel south and take advantage of more tropical landscapes, warmer weather and of course, singletrack. New Zealand, Guatemala, Chile, Peru,...

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What Kind of Traveler Are You?

What Kind of Traveler Are You? Traveling can mean many things to different types of people. Some may see their dream vacation as a time to get away and relax on the beach, with cocktail in hand and no itinerary. Others find their paradise when...

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The Worst Adventure Travel Advice I Have Ever Heard

Traveling can be a life changing experience, a chance to grow, explore and learn about different cultures. It can be an overwhelmingly powerful tool to understand the way of world and to recognize how much you don’t know, to broaden your...

11 Best Travel Apps
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Top 11 Travel Apps You Need For Your Next Trip

The age-old adage “There’s an app for that!” couldn’t ring any truer than in the travel world. The problem is, you may often find yourself  bashing your phone and yelling: “There’s too many friggin’...

31 Aug 2015 Posted By: Nate Lessnick
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