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Tips From Your Local Bike Shop

If I had to share one recommendation for mountain bikers - it is to get to know your local bike shop. Stroll into the store, share your interests and stories, strike up a conversation and open your eyes and ears. It's a great way to find new...

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Two On-Trail Maintenance Tips to Save Your Ride

Having to do these two different fixes is pretty much inevitable if you own a mountain bike (or any bike at all, really), so read up– they just might save you from walking home. The flat tire fix You might not be a real cyclist if you don...

26 Aug 2014 Posted By: James Fedosov
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The Mountain Biking Pre-Ride Checklist

If you're new to mountain biking, you may not know how to recognize problems with your bike, and if they happen during a ride they may result in a broken bike and/or a long walk back to the trailhead (and if you've been riding a long time...

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7 Awesome Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

You’ve already spent a pretty penny on your bike, so why not squeeze every ounce of pure blissful joy out of it? Regular preventive mountain bike maintenance will keep your mountain bike rolling safely for longer. Doing your own bike...