First Name: Ryan
Last Name: Kikauka
Bio: I love to ride, always have. Grew up in Ontario - I was that kid who rode my bike everywhere, every day of the year. From the day my training wheels were removed, I've been addicted to free wheelin; bmx, flatland, trials, x-country, dh, dirt jumps, and freeride. Many of my days have been spent riding and racing dirt bikes too. In '07, I migrated west, calling Fernie my new home. How sweet it is to be nestled in a mountain valley, surrounded by the most incredible trails, endless backcountry, and fellow adrenaline junkies. By winter, I've taught and coached freestyle snowboarding for 16 years. 2011 I started guiding for Sacred Rides thanks to my amazing friend Johanna Weintrager. Now I'm the Ride Director and lead guide for Sacred Rides BC. I'm certified in occupational and wilderness first aid, as well as mtb instructing with Endless Biking. And oh yeah, I'm a general machinist. I used to work in the engineering department of Western University. Now, I spend a lot of my spare time hobbying away in my shop. I love building/creating/repairing anything mechanical, especially bikes )
My 'Sacred Ride': My sacred ride; well, that would have to be Hyper Ventilation to Hyper Extension in Fernie. An awesome switchbacking climb (yes, I love going uphill too) with some of the best views in town, to a 1500ft fast, flowy, technically demanding downhill. I've got 2nd place on Strava, just kidding, who cares (but seriously, I do). Come ride it with me and try to catch me ;)