First Name: Cristina
Last Name: Simpkins
Bio: Born and raised in Eastern Canada in Montreal, Quebec- I grew up with a close connection to Nature and It's beauty, through the help of my Father who was a professional landscape en plen air artist. This drew me to develop a keen passion for nature, the world outdoors and a good adventure. I saw the light by age 19, and set out traveling the globe in search of new experiences, beautiful places and interesting people.... I was addicted from day one, and have never looked back. I've lived in a lot of wild places along my journey and then fell in love the with Adventure Paradise of New Zealand. Ive been guiding small group adventure trips by hiking and mountain biking within wilderness areas in The South Island for over 11 years. Throughout these years I have developed a deep connection to New Zealand's breathtaking and ever changing moods & landscapes.....I call New Zealand my second home, while I juggle between running a Unique Wilderness Adventure Company in British Columbia, Canada during the summer months.
My 'Sacred Ride': I had to think long and hard about this question..... Almost every ride in New Zealand is Epic! Riding in the majestic landscapes of Mt Cook, alongside the " Baaaaaahhhhing" heards of fuzzy sheep has to be a favorite of mine.... The way the vibrant light down under shines and glistens down through the soaring clouds above, to the flowing tussocks blowing in the wind, to the towering peaks in the distance... Although not a technical trail, its such an enjoyable ride that seams to just molds you into it's stunning landscape. This ride holds a feeling, like your riding at the end of the earth, a part of the Southern Alps, and with one with the sheep! It's as " Kiwi" as you can get on 2 knobbly wheels.