Johanna Weintrager

First Name: Johanna
Last Name: Weintrager
Bio: I started riding in N.Vancouver around the dawn of the millennium. Falling in love with the gnarly shore trails and spending most of my summer days in Whistler and Squamish, I started racing and coaching pretty quick. Traveling and riding all the best trails BC had to offer. Sacred Rides found me in the mountains of Rossland and I moved to Fernie and have been with them now for 10 seasons. It has been the most incredible way to spend the majority of my year! So many places, faces, laughter, trails and triumphs have been lived through myself and everyone who joins me on a trip! I have seen communities grow, trails get created and trails disappear. The cycle of it all. The last years have found me traveling the world between guiding season's and exploring little corners and pockets of undiscovered joy. Biking is a form of meditation, a time to be with yourself and your breath. To be in the moment and re-centre yourself. I laugh and giggle a lot when I ride. I am one of the lead guides in BC (Ryan Kikauka one of the most talented riders I have ever met is the other) I am also the Lead guide in Utah for both thec0-ed and women's rides! Also helped develop the yoga/mtn bike retreat in Mexico and Costa Rica. Yoga is part of my being. I've been blessed to have done the Patagonia, Nepal and Brazil, California, and Costa Rica trips. I'm certified in Canadian Mountain Bike Instructor (CMIC), level 2 Endless Biking, NCCP, Advanced Wilderness FA, Yoga Alliance 500hr and have a degree in Sports and Fitness Nutrition. My guiding bike is a Juliana Rubion 650B I also ride a Trek Session 88 and my life long Specialized SX from 2007 (can't let it go!) I have been around to see Sacred Rides grow and all the guides from around the world offer and do such an incredible job on all the trips we offer. Showing you the best their country has to offer. With an open mind, eyes and two wheels below us we can explore the beauty this planet has to offer as well as keeping the prana flowing! Sat Chit Ananda Truth Consciousness Bliss
My 'Sacred Ride': My 'sacred ride' is the incredible Slunt Trail in Fernie, BC: it's a slog and a grunt! This epic ride takes you high above the Elk Valley, with a fast, flowy and amazing downhill as the reward for all your slogging and grunting!