Reg Mullett

First Name: Reg
Last Name: Mullett
Bio: I have been fully immersed in riding bikes for the last ten plus years or so. Originally, my focus was mostly with downhill/bigmountain but I have been spending much more time on my little bike the last five years or so. Chasing after those amazing singletrack days and sharing this with good friends has enriched my life in a magical way. I have yet to find anything more fun or that enables me to be living in the moment at such an elevated level, as shredding on my bike. I am always stoked to have an opportunity to share this passion and see others benefit from these moments, as I do. Hopefully we will be high-fiving in the future!
My 'Sacred Ride': Most rides are sacred but I certainly have a preference for riding in the Alpine and get extra excited when a super long descent is at my immediate disposal. Some of my favs include any alpine riding in the revelstoke area and downhilling on the flowy goodness of Mt 7 in Golden, BC.