Rides I Guide: Breathtaking Balkans
First Name: Anej
Last Name: Strucl
Bio: All my life was and is turning about sports from the beginning. I tried, tested and trained many different sports, but there are some which were and are big parts of my life and worth mentioning. So I was first introduced by my parents to alpine skiing when I just really started walking. I enjoyed it a lot so I started to train it and was doing it for around seven years but then decided to quit it for it took all my time but I came by some different things to do. I found snowboarding, in which I am now persisting for more than 12 years and last six years as licensed snowboard instructor. Because I like mountains and nature, I also started climbing when I was 12 years old and still doing it as my hobby occasionally. Now to my biggest hobby and part of me, mountain biking. I Got my first bike when I was 3 years old and since then enjoyed every moment on it. As soon as I got in touch with mountain biking I become “in love” with downhill, and the next logical step was to start racing which I took right away. I was racing for 3 years in Slovenian cup as a junior racer. As my family runs mountain bike company and hotel now for around 15 years I was quickly introduced with mountain bike guiding. So I did my first mountain biking license which was OTC trail leader award from Great Britain, followed next year by OTC technical leader award and OtC technical leader assessment all programs adjusted for guiding in Slovenia. The same year I also did Slovenian mountain bike teacher licence. Because I chose outdoor activities as my lifestyle I decided to go to study tourism at Turistica- college of tourism Portorož to combine joy and work in my life. All guiding I do I try to combine my experiences from past and my love for having fun doing it.