Shaughn Zaleski

First Name: Shaughn
Last Name: Zaleski
Bio: Let's see, how do I begin one of these? Mountain biking saved my life? How's that? After a directionless, rather unmotivated push through my late teens and early twenties my life path crossed with an incredible person/boss that basically told me I needed to get out on a bike. Heeding his advice, I borrowed a bike, rode a local trail outside of Boulder (Walker Ranch) in the midst of a gnarly thunderstorm, and forever awakened the pedaling gene I apparently had dwelling in my system. From that first ride onward I have watched my life change in the best ways. Ever since that painful, sloppy ride, I have wanted to share the gift of cycling with anyone and everyone that shows a hint of interest in the two wheeled machines we call bikes. From fixing to riding, I relish the chance to learn and share my knowledge and experiences. Seeing people get psyched about riding is absolutely the ultimate for me, and I enjoy the opportunity to facilitate that energy. Let's go shred!
My 'Sacred Ride': When I need my quick fix after work or in a crunch, the Green Lake trail is my go-to sacred shred. Steep and challenging climb>gorgeous seclusion>ripping fast packs a punch for roughly an hour long ride. Outside of that, any time I get on my bike is sacred! Each time I get to pedal is an incredible gift that I am grateful for. Loamy dirt, slickrock, moondust, tacky hero singletrack.... It's all biking and it's all awesome!