Dan Plumtree

First Name: Dan
Last Name: Plumtree
Bio: Having adventures and thrill seeking has become my way of life since my feet could just about reach the pedals. When I was a kid growing up in the UK the adventures may have been not quite on the same scale and on smaller mountains however the concept has always been the same: ride and have as much fun as possible!! My adventures have taken me to all kind of places across the planet. The alps is where i call home now a days and its packed full of potential adventures there is so much culture here its just awesome you never have to travel far for a completely different experience. Here in Switzerland we have 4 languages in 4 areas of the country and each area is totally different from the other. I am still amazed by the beauty and the amount of trails here, it would take a life time to ride them all.
My 'Sacred Ride': wow now that is a really tough one, you know with all these rides to choose from i dont know if i can put it down to just one! For sure Graubunden in Switzerland is packed full of them its been voted the best area in switzerland to ride. endless flowy single trails based on an ancient network or trails, historic culture with amazing architecture...what more can i say...see you here soon tell me which trail you like best