Daniel Banks

First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Banks
Bio: I spent the majority of my upbringing with no skin on my elbows; war wounds from attempting to master the art of hucking to flat. What began as a hobby became a passion, passion evolved to addiction, and now mountain biking is an ingrained cornerstone of my lifestyle. My roots in downhill racing pushed me to be disciplined and diligent as I developed my cycling skills, and as I matured it became apparent that it's much better to slide through corners with my tires than my head. Now that I am no longer a masochistic athlete, my training regime consists of exercises such as barley curls and French press - subsequently, I consider myself to be a "professional fun-haver", and I am honored to guide for Sacred Rides so that I can share air miles and big smiles one tire track at a time!
My 'Sacred Ride': Mountain biking is my religion, and as such every ride is a sacred ride. Nevertheless, some of my favorite places to ride include Squamish, Mt Prevost, Mt 7, Whitehorse, Revelstoke, and of course Fernie; where every section of trail is like it’s own face-melting Jimi Hendrix solo.