Charlotte Batty

First Name: Charlotte
Last Name: Batty
Bio: As the youngest of four, I grew up riding bikes around our small town, cattle farm chasing after my three older siblings. These carefree childish rides evolved into a lifetime of competitive mountain biking for all of us. After 8 years of competing across North America and Europe, mountain biking is no longer a sport I am apart of, rather it has become my lifestyle. Upon hanging up the racing bikes, I found a passion for sharing my knowledge and experience with other like minded women on how to have more fun on their bikes. I have been working with local women's clubs since, and loving every minute of it.
My 'Sacred Ride': My 'Sacred Ride' is the Captain Ahab trail, apart of the Amasa Back trail system, a short ride from the town of Moab. This has to be the most exhilarating trail I have ever ridden - and you can experience it to on our Moab Yoga and Mountain Bike Retreat.