First Name: Joshua
Last Name: Doucette
Bio: I grew up on a dead end street with a one acre patch of "woods" at the end where my brother, myself, and all our friends used to ride a tiny circuit of single track and build jumps on the one tiny downhill. When I was in elementary school I went on my first "mountain bike" ride, which consisted of myself, my brother and all our friends being led by one of our friends dads, through the forest on the edge of town mostly pushing, but occasionally riding our bmx's through gullies and over hills. What an adventure! Ever since then being on my bike in the woods has been where I'm most content. I've been in love with using my bike to lose myself in the landscape ever since. About a decade ago I moved to Moab, where I get to lose myself in one of the most incredible landscapes on earth.
My 'Sacred Ride': "Getaway" at the Magnificent 7 trail system. Not the longest, hardest, or most epic trail segment around, but one that flows so amazingly well. It's the perfect amount of steepness and tech so that you barely have to pedal or brake and you can just lose yourself in the flow.