MTB Tips: Pee Like A Pro

pee like a pro!
August 29th, 2014

No no, its not you, it’s a fact: Women urinate more than men.


An annoying fact for those who spend serious time in the saddle - hunched over, adding even more unwanted pressure to the never-ending nag that’s impossible to ignore.  Skinny jeans to nylons, women are bombarded with lower body garments that add more pressure on our already active bladder.


Enter the bib short!


A short that is free of waist cinching bands and buttons, smoothed out by a piece of material attaching the short up and over your shoulders with straps. If skinny jeans came with a bib, I would so rock them.  


One common misconception about bib shorts, is the struggle they come with to pee, having to completely undress your top half.  


Thanks to Peter Glassford’s video on “Pee Like a Pro”, I was quickly convinced otherwise and now use this brilliant technique on every single ride I head out on.


Check out the "Pee Like a Pro" Video HERE


Check out Peter Glassford's video on Peeing, Saddle-Sores and Pelvic Floor Disorder for Cyclists HERE


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