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Mike Brcic
Founder/Chief Happiness Officer
I'm the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Sacred Rides. I started this company way back in 1996 in beautiful Fernie, British Columbia, out of a passion for mountain biking and beautiful places. 17 years later I'm proud to have brought mountain biking and mountain bikers to the four corners of the globe! My hometown sacred ride is a secret trail in the Don Valley of Toronto that I can't tell you about, but I'll happily take you there if you're ever in the area! My international sacred ride is the Patacancha ride in Peru!

Nate Lessnick
Sales Director/Rider Happiness Manager
Like most of us here, I fell in love with the outdoors and riding a bike at an early age. Joining the Sacred Rides crew in 2012 has allowed me to combine my passions for traveling, mountain biking and building one awesome company. Perhaps the greatest satisfaction I get is seeing people live their lives to the fullest and making their dreams become a reality. My Sacred Ride would have to be the amazing Kirwan's Track in New Zealand. There's nothing quite like the feeling of descending 1100 metres through various ecozones, from rugged pine forests to lush jungle, on beautifully buffed singletrack.

Meredith Wires
Rider Happiness Manager
I appreciate any activity that lets me breathe fresh air and marvel at the natural world. After a few years of outdoor guiding, mostly sea kayaking and hiking trips, I discovered mountain biking and fell in love. I started mountain biking in 2009 and now I grab my bike whenever the mood strikes - which is quite often!


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Aidan Jones
I grew up on two wheels. My parents always road and raced mountain bikes, which inspired me to follow suit. I've emersed myself in the world of bikes by working as a mechanic, a coach and continuing to race. I really just love to ride for any reason and am stoked to have the opportuinity to show others how awesome two wheeled adventures can be. Fernie Singletrack Smorgasbord Weekend

Matt Hartell
From the foothills of North Carolina, Matt moved to Antigua, Guatemala as a way to escape the cubicles of his previous US work life. He's been riding his bike on awesome Guatemalan singletrack since 1998 and hasn’t looked back since. La Ruta de Maya The trails in my backyard in Antigua!

Julie Hanen
Born and raised in Montana, I thought there wasn't anything that could put a smile on my face more than skiing powder...then I got a mountain bike! I have since spent all my free time in summer riding trails from Montana to New Zealand to Costa Rica. And now, after guiding, living and exploring in Costa Rica for more than 12 years, I consider it my home away from home. Come join me in the land of "Pura Vida" and let's ride...[more] The Ultimate Moab (Private Groups Only), Magnificent Mesas, Desert Rose Thrills and Skills...[more] Every moment I spend on my bike is a sacred experience! But if I have to pick one, I'd say there's nothing more satisfying than a good clean sweat on the trails of Las Catalinas followed by a screaming fun downhill overlooking the clear blue waters of the Pacific. Now that's Pura Vida!

London Menlove
I currently live in Park City Utah, the IMBA Gold Level ride center of the United States! I grew up in Utah and have spent years riding all over our beautiful state. I started riding bikes 19 years ago and have dedicated my lifestyle and surroundings to the outdoors. Not only have I lived in Utah, but have moved to many different mountain bike destinations including Crested Butte/Colorado, Lake Tahoe/California ,Jackson Hole/Wyoming and even...[more] Magnificent Mesas, Desert Rose Thrills and Skills, Desert Rose Mountain Bike Adventure Guacamole

Samantha Sedlowsky
I love riding of any style. Downhill, all-mountain, bike touring, or taking my son to school on the townie with studded tires through deep snow... everything is better on a bike! Sharing my love of riding with others through coaching and guiding is the most satisfying thing in the world. With Sacred Rides, not only do I get to show off my backyard (Fernie, BC), but I get to meet amazing people and hear about great riding around the world (when...[more] Rocky Mountain Singletrack, The Ultimate BC Experience, Fernie Singletrack Smorgasbord Weekend...[more] Slunt to Brokeback is my favourite ride in Fernie! The climb is challenging and leaves me asking myself if it's worth it.... and it most definitely is!

Ezequiel Elizalde
“Eze” was born and raised in the outskirts of El Bolsón where his family ran a campground on the banks of the Azul River. As an adult, he has been spending his summers guiding rafts on the river, and guiding mountain bikers through the forests. His winters are spent instructing snowboarding. Eze also works as an assistant instructor for Boreal River Rescue courses. Patagonia Pedal and Paddle

Charlotte Batty
As the youngest of four, I grew up riding bikes around our small town, cattle farm chasing after my three older siblings. These carefree childish rides evolved into a lifetime of competitive mountain biking for all of us. After 8 years of competing across North America and Europe, mountain biking is no longer a sport I am apart of, rather it has become my lifestyle. Upon hanging up the racing bikes, I found a passion for sharing my knowledge and...[more] n/a My 'Sacred Ride' is the Captain Ahab trail, apart of the Amasa Back trail system, a short ride from the town of Moab. This has to be the most exhilarating trail I have ever ridden - and you can experience it to on our Moab Yoga and Mountain Bike Retreat.

Giovanni Echarri
Giovanni is one of the first mountain bikers in Peru with more than 20 years practicing and traveling throughout all Peru. Giovanni is a passionate rider that enjoys a lot to ride his mountain bike and show others the trails he knows. Inca Trail All-Mountain, Inca Adventure - Downhill, Cusco to the Amazon...[more]

Janet Lee
I got hooked on mountain biking when I started adventure racing in Ontario about 12 years ago. Admittedly, I became a little obsessed. The mountains called and I moved to Fernie in 2008. My time in Fernie exposed me to trails that I love and an amazing mountain biking community. I am biased to Fernie trails but I love exploring and discovering other trails from Moab, Oregon, Santa Cruz, Revy, East and West Kootenays to name a few. I have...[more] Fernie Singletrack Smorgasbord Weekend Fernie trails have so much diversity of terrain and defining features but each trail has it's own fun and wow factors. My favourite is a combo of Hypervent but old school up uprooted and roots followed by a Swine Flu lap. Nothing better then climbing with techy switchbacks with epic views that are earned followed by flowy, fast descents. [more]

Nate Lessnick
Like most of us here, I fell in love with the outdoors and riding a bike at an early age. Joining the Sacred Rides crew in 2012 has allowed me to combine my passions for traveling, mountain biking and building one awesome company. Perhaps the greatest satisfaction I get is seeing people live their lives to the fullest and making their dreams become a reality. Ride & Dine Wilderness Weekend My Sacred Ride would have to be the amazing Kirwan's Track in New Zealand. There's nothing quite like the feeling of descending 1100 metres through various ecozones, from rugged pine forests to lush jungle, on beautifully buffed singletrack.

Cristina Simpkins
Born and raised in Eastern Canada in Montreal, Quebec- I grew up with a close connection to Nature and It's beauty, through the help of my Father who was a professional landscape en plen air artist. This drew me to develop a keen passion for nature, the world outdoors and a good adventure. I saw the light by age 19, and set out traveling the globe in search of new experiences, beautiful places and interesting people.... I was...[more] Misty Mountain Hop, Over the Hills and Far Away, Stairway to Heaven...[more] I had to think long and hard about this question..... Almost every ride in New Zealand is Epic! Riding in the majestic landscapes of Mt Cook, alongside the " Baaaaaahhhhing" heards of fuzzy sheep has to be a favorite of mine.... The way the vibrant light down under shines and glistens down through the soaring clouds above, to the...[more]

Eduardo Aguilar Salazar
A native to Costa Rica, Eduardo has been guiding guests through Costa Rica for 17 years. He is an active adventurer and passionate outdoorsman. Though he'll effortlessly take you down pristine whitewater or guide you through the incredible singletrack of Costa Rica, it's his laid back personality and infectious sense of humor that'll make you want to follow him down the trail. Pura Vida Yoga and Mountain Bike Retreat

Willy Quino
Coming soon! La Ruta de Maya Coming soon!

Leah Mcleod
Born and raised in Northern California, I've always loved being outdoors. From competitive horseback riding early in life, to hiking, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding, I love getting out and exploring nature, especially on our Explorer Rides! Moving to Fairfax, CA, I caught the biking bug and got introduced to Sacred Rides, and the rest is history. The Great Lost Coast Adventure The flowy Paradise Royal trail, combined with a scenic Lost Coast hike and finishing with a sunset glass of wine on the beach. It's paradise alright!

Benjamin Laffan
I'm a Kiwi who loves to travel the world, always with my mountain bike.. I have been a adventure guide for the last 15 years in New Zealand and Canada and are looking forward to take you on your next awesome adventure... I believe the Misty Mountain Hop Trip will blow you away... Misty Mountain Hop, Over the Hills and Far Away, Stairway to Heaven...[more] Kirwan's Track in the Victoria Range of the Southern Alps is my favourite ride...It has it all, History, Epic climb, a sweet hut on top, Views for ever, Native grassland on top and rain forest below and a eye watering technical descent!!

Sylvi White
I learned to mountain bike in 2002, in Durango, Colorado. Since then, mountain biking has brought me some of my most cherished friends and experiences, and has been a constant through the best and worst times of my life. It's amazing how a solo lap around the Slickrock bike trail can help me re-focus and gain perspective. I love sharing this sport with others, meeting new people, and showing them my favorite trails. I took my first job...[more] Sublime Southwest The Whole Enchilada, no question about it.

Sander Kan
Hello, I'm Sander. The last 17 years I am professionally engaged in outdoor sports. mountainbiking and skiing I love most. I have created my live around these two! Biking in summer time and skiing in winter. I'm riding a bike since I was a kid as I grew up in the Netherlands (more bikes as inhabitants). My passion for mountain biking started during the summer of 2003 when I was asked to run an animation project in Veysonnaz,...[more] Alpen Thrills Enduro Is the ride to find amazing new secret trails in Europe. Every time I find and explore new trails in the European mountains.

Adam Smith
Born and raised in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, I grew up wanting to be a professional mountain biker. After graduating from Appalachian State University with a degree in Recreation Management/Outdoor Experiential Education I moved to Aspen, Colorado to teach skiing for the Aspen Skiing Company in the winter and guide mountain bike, raft and hiking trips in the summer. I've been co-guiding the California... The Great Lost Coast Adventure Riding through the Redwoods in Northern California. Though not one specific trail, anytime I ride through these amazing giants I feel humbled and a deep sense of awe and peace. Come ride through some Redwood groves with us and see what I mean... It's inspiring.

Oseas Acietuna
One of our newest weapons in the arsenal, this young buck can do it all, and do it faster than about anyone else out there! Whether on the rock or on the trail he’ll show you how to get it done. Try to catch him on the trail… I dare ya! La Ruta de Maya It would have to be the Slickrock trail of Lake Atitlan

Dan Plumtree
Having adventures and thrill seeking has become my way of life since my feet could just about reach the pedals. When I was a kid growing up in the UK the adventures may have been not quite on the same scale and on smaller mountains however the concept has always been the same: ride and have as much fun as possible!! My adventures have taken me to all kind of places across the planet. The alps is where i call home now a days and its packed...[more] Alpen Thrills Enduro wow now that is a really tough one, you know with all these rides to choose from i dont know if i can put it down to just one! For sure Graubunden in Switzerland is packed full of them its been voted the best area in switzerland to ride. endless flowy single trails based on an ancient network or trails, historic culture with amazing...[more]

Cam McLellan
I am a fully certified professional ACMG Guide and have been professionally guiding in the mountains for over 10 years. Everything from heli-skiing to climbing, film safety to adventurous training. I am what most people would call a "work-a-holic" but as far as i'm concerned, I haven't worked a day in my life!! This job is just way too good!! n/a

Asta Briem
Ásta is born and raised in Iceland. After working 15 years in Film Production and Production Service she’s pretty knowledgeable about the secret spots of the country. Ásta loves to make things happen! On the trails, out in backcountry, always with a smile. Asta is our Ride Director in Iceland. Fire and Ice All-Mountain

Mandil Pradhan
Born and raised in Kathmandu, I love riding bikes and traveling. Seven years ago I quit my job in a PR firm and decided to ride bikes for a living. It's the best decision I've ever made! Treasures of the Himalaya My Sacred Ride is the Lubra trail which is featured on Day 8 of the Treasures of the Himalaya trip. It starts at a 14,000 feet high pass, ends at a remote Buddhist village almost 5,000 feet below, and in the back drop are some of the world's highest mountains. Amazing!

Suraj Rai
I was born in the picturesque mountain town of Dharan in the shadows of Mount Everest. I was introduced to mountain biking when I was 16 and have been a mechanic and guide since then. Treasures of the Himalaya

Gudmundur "Gummi" Bjornsson
I really enjoy taking people around Iceland and showing them the beauty and the fun trails our country has to offer. Backround as an adventure guide moving on to mountain bike guiding. I’m finishing Masters degree in Statistics. My interests include ski touring, mountain biking and other aspects related to mountaineering. I'm really drawn to the nature and love spending as much time as I can outdoors, whether it is for work or just...[more] Fire and Ice All-Mountain

Rajesh (RJ) Magar
RJ Ripper is Nepal’s youngest (and reigning) National Downhill Champion. In addition to being an amazingly talented bike handler, he is probably also the fastest puncture repair-man north of the Himalayas. Treasures of the Himalaya

David Sigurdsson
An enthusiastic Icelandic mountain bike guide, raised on the trails of Iceland and love being outdoor showing people around. Currently studying mechanical engineering in the wintertime along with the bike guiding. Been racing and competing for the last 15 years, be it Enduro, XC or road biking. A former bike shop mech foreman. A founding member of Enduro Iceland, Iceland´s enduro-race series. Boardman of the Icelandic mountainbike association as... Fire and Ice All-Mountain A magnificent trail up to the top of one of the highest peaks in the Icelandic southern highlands. Beautiful view over the area on good weather days and the descend is truly worth the effort!

Daniel Banks
I spent the majority of my upbringing with no skin on my elbows; war wounds from attempting to master the art of hucking to flat. What began as a hobby became a passion, passion evolved to addiction, and now mountain biking is an ingrained cornerstone of my lifestyle. My roots in downhill racing pushed me to be disciplined and diligent as I developed my cycling skills, and as I matured it became apparent that it's much better to slide...[more] n/a Mountain biking is my religion, and as such every ride is a sacred ride. Nevertheless, some of my favorite places to ride include Squamish, Mt Prevost, Mt 7, Whitehorse, Revelstoke, and of course Fernie; where every section of trail is like it’s own face-melting Jimi Hendrix solo.

Kat Robinson
Based in Fernie, BC surrounded by the mountains, I get to share my passions of mountain biking and skiing by spending most of the summer teaching mountain biking both to adults and kids . I get to travel to many great places in both Canada and the US, April through to September then in the winter I teach skiing in Fernie. After moving out to Fernie 10 years ago, my job in the UK was a College Lecturer, I have always loved to teach and now my...[more] Rocky Mountain Singletrack, The Ultimate BC Experience, Fernie Singletrack Smorgasbord Weekend...[more] It's hard to pick one of the many awesome trails we have in Fernie but the Ridgemont network is my go to, as it is literally on my doorstep there is such a variety from various climbs to long boardwalks and a choice of steep technical descents or flowy twisty through the trees, I can go for 1-3 hrs and not ride the same trail. fall has to...[more]

Johanna Weintrager
I started riding in N.Vancouver around the dawn of the millennium. Falling in love with the gnarly shore trails and spending most of my summer days in Whistler and Squamish, I started racing and coaching pretty quick. Traveling and riding all the best trails BC had to offer. Sacred Rides found me in the mountains of Rossland and I moved to Fernie and have been with them now for 10 seasons. It has been the most incredible way to spend the...[more] Rocky Mountain Singletrack, The Ultimate BC Experience, Fernie Thrills & Skills Weekend Getaway (Intermediate) ...[more] My 'sacred ride' is the incredible Slunt Trail in Fernie, BC: it's a slog and a grunt! This epic ride takes you high above the Elk Valley, with a fast, flowy and amazing downhill as the reward for all your slogging and grunting!

Aubrey Demchuk
I am a geeky neuroscientist by day and a passionate mountain bike advocate...also by day. I'm a racer, coach, guide, VP of the local club, trail builder, founder of a female-only weekly ride, event organizer, and more!! Bikes are fun! West Kootenay Roundup "48 hours" in Fernie, BC (despite recent logging efforts) remains one of my all-time favourite trails. It's fast and fun (on either a DH or trail bike) and has just the right amount of spice!

Magne Kvam
A mountaineer and mountain biker with a background in graphic design, Magne has been guiding mountain biking trips in Iceland since 2006. A nature enthusiast on an endless search for new trails, Magne is the type who fixes things, be it a super jeep or a bike. Fire and Ice All-Mountain

Xavier Ccoa
My name is Xavier, I'm from Cusco - Peru and I'm 29 years old. My father taught me how to ride a bike when i was 5 years old. I used to spend hours riding around my neighborhood. When I was 22 my older brother took me to some trails around Cusco and I fell in love with the mountains, nature and my bike. I then started to do some local races and had good results. Now I work as an official tour guide specialized in mountain bikes...[more] Inca Trail All-Mountain, Inca Trail Bring-Your-Partner Adventure, Inca Trail All Mountain - Women's Ride "My sacred ride" My sacred ride is one that is not easy to get to. "Huchuy Qosqo" is a trail that requires a lot of effort. To reach this place, there is a steep climb up to 4300 masl (14107,61 ft ). It then becomes a smooth, fast trail with Inka stairs that takes you to Huchuy Qosqo, an Inka site that has a unique view of the...[more]

Nejc Kotnik
I was born in a small village surrounded by endless hills and mountains, so my choice regarding sports was very simple – anything with adrenaline and gravity. After rock climbing, snowboarding and dirt biking, I quickly realised that I like things that have two wheels more. I got my first real mountain bike and since then I enjoy every single ride I do. In 2013 I made a Slovenian mountain bike teacher/guide license, since then my whole life is...[more] Breathtaking Balkans Without a doubt my sacred ride is a »project trail« from top of Mt. Peca all the way to the valley. Long, steep, challenging and diverse, it makes me smile every time I get to ride it.

Ryan Kikauka
I love to ride, I always have. Growing up in Ontario, I was that kid who rode my bike everywhere, every day of the year. From the day my training wheels were removed, I've been addicted to free wheelin. I rode bmx, flatland, trials, x-country, dh, dirt jumps, and freeride. Many of my days were spent riding and racing dirt bikes too. In 2007, I migrated to BC, calling Fernie my new home. How sweet it is to be nestled in a mountain...[more] Rocky Mountain Singletrack, The Ultimate BC Experience, Fernie Singletrack Smorgasbord Weekend...[more] My sacred ride; well, that would have to be Hyper Ventilation to Hyper Extension in Fernie. An awesome switchbacking climb (yes, I love going uphill too) with some of the best views in town, to a 1500ft fast, flowy, technically demanding downhill. I've got 2nd place on Strava, just kidding, who cares (but seriously, I do). Come ride it...[more]

Marcio Franco
I grew up in the big city of Sao Paulo, Brazil and was fortunate to have a family cabin in the rainforest of Juquitiba where my passion for outdoor adventures grew. I started my outdoor guiding career as a raft guide which led me to compete in adventure races in Brazil. From there, I decided to travel abroad and over the past 20 years, I have been guiding whitewater kayaking, paragliding and mountain bike adventures in Brazil, New Zealand and...[more] Mountains to Fjords Lønahorgi to Afdal is the most challenging ride in my hometown of Voss, Norway. It’s a demanding climb and you’ll be sure to break a sweat during the hike-a-bike sections but the views are worth it and the technical descent continually improves my skills. The trail makes for an amazing day adventure!

Sil Bosch
Where would the world be without outdoor sports? I enjoy pretty much any outdoor activity, but especially skiing and mountain biking make my heart beat faster. In my youth I started with biking and I never stopped. First road biking and the last ten years mainly mountain biking. I love the sense of freedom and flow that comes with exploring the trails with my bike. Besides my professional job as a project manager for a contractor, which is...[more] Alpen Thrills Enduro The riding in the Vinschgau Valley is amazing. Picture yourself on flowly and narrow single track trails that wind their way through the trees and alpine meadows with the best "happiness factor". It just makes me smile every time I ride in this region. The up can be tough, but the down is so much fun. Stunning views of the main valley as...[more]

Wayo Stein
I start riding bikes at the age of 6 and since then I have never stop riding my bike. I have combined with other sports like tennis, skateboarding and boadyboarding. At the age of 21 I start riding mountain bikes and I enjoyed the possibilities it gives you to discover new places and travel a lot. I like races so I have been racing for years and of course have good results on some races. Now with my job as a mountain bike tour guide, I like to...[more] Inca Trail All-Mountain, Inca Adventure - Downhill, Cusco to the Amazon...[more] My Sacred Ride is to get as high as possible into the mountains of Peru on a very remote area, get impressive 360 views and then start riding my bike crossing the Andes from one side to the other and then descend for hours that can include some climbs, putting the bike on my shoulder and walk, etc. That is my Sacred Ride. On our Peru trips we do...[more]

Paul Meiklejohn
Paul has been competing successfully in the sport of Downhill Mountain Bike racing for well over 15 years. He was raised in Norfolk County and started his cycling career at the age of 12. He received provincial honours in BMX, XC and Downhill Mountain Bike racing. He won his first provincial championship in BMX at age 14 and went on to win a provincial championship in XC (Cross Country) Mountain Bike racing in 2000. Over the years, Paul... Ride & Dine Wilderness Weekend My sacred ride is Jimmy's Joker located on my home trails in Turkey Point, ON. This trail was built in 1998 and I have ridden it thousands of times since then, yet every time I drop into it, it's like my first ride on it! I'm constantly trying new lines and adjusting my approach on Jimmy's! The trail is known for it's...[more]

Arnold Najera
Arnold returned to his native Guatemala after living in Israel, and has been working as a guide for us since. He sure knows how to ride a bike over anything, and is our star striker on the football pitch. La Ruta de Maya The Cielo Grande epic

Russo Covarrubias
I was born in Cusco, Peru. I've been a mountain biker for 20 years and love to ride. Can't wait to show you my amazing trails!! Inca Trail All-Mountain, Inca Adventure - Downhill, Cusco to the Amazon...[more] My sacred ride is in the Sacred Valley where I was born. Riding through the mountains of Maras and Moray, admire the mountains and the big glaciers before a long descent.

Brendan James
Originally from Vermont USA Brendan has been mountain biking and racing from a young age. For the last 5 years he has been working as a sponsored athlete and guide with expeditions in South and Central America. Since 2014 Brendan has called Guatemala home - enamored by it's diverse terrain, people and countless opportunities for trails and exploration. An avid photographer and blogger he enjoys sharing his explorations and telling stories... La Ruta de Maya Any of the epic (2000m+ downhills to be found in Guatemala. Expansive views and changing ecosystems as you work your way down from the high grass plains of the altiplano above 3000m to the subtropical forest near 1000m.

Andrej Bandelj
Born in 1980, living in Kras (Slovenian Karst Region). I have studied geography in Ljubljana and have been working predominantly as tour guide since then - in last years spending a lot of time as bike guide. I love mountain biking, mountaineering and travelling - doing my best to share this passion with groups or individuals visiting Slovenia and neighbouring countries. I speak Slovenian, English, German and Croatian fluently. Breathtaking Balkans Mount Nanos, Slovenian Karst

Anej Strucl
All my life was and is turning about sports from the beginning. I tried, tested and trained many different sports, but there are some which were and are big parts of my life and worth mentioning. So I was first introduced by my parents to alpine skiing when I just really started walking. I enjoyed it a lot so I started to train it and was doing it for around seven years but then decided to quit it for it took all my time but I came by some...[more] Breathtaking Balkans

Mirko Moreno
I was born in Patagonia in the Welsh settlement town of Trevelin, surrounded by Andes mountains and rivers. Ever since I was a child, my parents gave me a sense of adventure by taking me on different expeditions from climbing mountains to multi-day kayaking trips. As I grew up, I started searching for my own adventures by riding my bike through the woods and exploring the trails around our village. By the time I was a teenager, adventure...[more] Patagonia Pedal and Paddle

Mark Baeder
Raised in California, I've been guiding with Sacred Rides for the last 3 seasons. I'm the Lead Guide in California, as well as running day trips with Mountain Bike San Francisco. I'm an IMBA Certified Mountain Bike Guide and Skills Instructor, and have my Wilderness Medicine Institute First Responder Certification. I enjoy long walks on the beach... Oops wrong website! I mean long, flowy singletrack trails, adventure and... The Great Lost Coast Adventure It's a tough call between Manly Gulch, a sweet flowy descent, or Paradise Royal, a remote singletrack loop after a fresh rain.

Julian Tisato
Growing up in Argentine Patagonia Julian always had a love for rivers and mountains. Riding bikes was the number one pastime of his childhood and this eventually progressed into competitive downhill and cross-country bike competitions. His short competitive biking career in his teens was successful but was slowed down by a bout with some unwelcome brain tumors! Don't be bummed reading this because he fully recovered and turned his sights... Patagonia Pedal and Paddle

Reg Mullett
I have been fully immersed in riding bikes for the last ten plus years or so. Originally, my focus was mostly with downhill/bigmountain but I have been spending much more time on my little bike the last five years or so. Chasing after those amazing singletrack days and sharing this with good friends has enriched my life in a magical way. I have yet to find anything more fun or that enables me to be living in the moment at such an elevated...[more] Rocky Mountain Singletrack, The Ultimate BC Experience, Fernie Singletrack Smorgasbord Weekend...[more] Most rides are sacred but I certainly have a preference for riding in the Alpine and get extra excited when a super long descent is at my immediate disposal. Some of my favs include any alpine riding in the revelstoke area and downhilling on the flowy goodness of Mt 7 in Golden, BC.

Travis Foell
My name is Travis Foell, 24 years old I have been biking since I could walk. I broke my first bike frame at six by taking it off a 3 foot drop to flat pavement. This past year 2014/2015 I took a mountain adventure program here in fernie that certified me with a 80 hour wilderness first aid, level 1 mountain bike instructor, swift water rescue technician, and AST 2. The Ultimate BC Experience, Fernie Singletrack Smorgasbord Weekend, West Kootenay Roundup

Joshua Doucette
I grew up on a dead end street with a one acre patch of "woods" at the end where my brother, myself, and all our friends used to ride a tiny circuit of single track and build jumps on the one tiny downhill. When I was in elementary school I went on my first "mountain bike" ride, which consisted of myself, my brother and all our friends being led by one of our friends dads, through the forest on the edge of town mostly...[more] n/a "Getaway" at the Magnificent 7 trail system. Not the longest, hardest, or most epic trail segment around, but one that flows so amazingly well. It's the perfect amount of steepness and tech so that you barely have to pedal or brake and you can just lose yourself in the flow.

Shaughn Zaleski
Let's see, how do I begin one of these? Mountain biking saved my life? How's that? After a directionless, rather unmotivated push through my late teens and early twenties my life path crossed with an incredible person/boss that basically told me I needed to get out on a bike. Heeding his advice, I borrowed a bike, rode a local trail outside of Boulder (Walker Ranch) in the midst of a gnarly thunderstorm, and forever awakened the...[more] The Ultimate Moab (Private Groups Only), Magnificent Mesas When I need my quick fix after work or in a crunch, the Green Lake trail is my go-to sacred shred. Steep and challenging climb>gorgeous seclusion>ripping fast packs a punch for roughly an hour long ride. Outside of that, any time I get on my bike is sacred! Each time I get to pedal is an incredible gift that I am grateful for....[more]

Caleb Brown
Having grown up in Fernie, Caleb shares a special bond with the forests and mountains that surround this little town. He has spent most of his life playing and working here in Fernie but has done his fair share of travelling; skiing and biking in Europe, travelling and competing all over North America following the Freeskiing World Tour, and exploring BC and Quebec on his mountain bike. With that said, he is still proud and excited about his...[more] n/a

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Alex Goldstein

Meredith Wires
I appreciate any activity that lets me breathe fresh air and marvel at the natural world. After a few years of outdoor guiding, mostly sea kayaking and hiking trips, I discovered mountain biking and fell in love. I started mountain biking in 2009 and now I grab my bike whenever the mood strikes - which is quite often! n/a

Mark Erickson