Singletrack - for experienced mountain bikers

La Ruta de Maya

Dec.-March8 daysSkill:ADVANCED 7/9


You are comfortable riding a variety of singletrack which may include tight trees, mud, loose rocks and sand and are comfortable doing so on aggressive terrain with little braking.

You can hop over obstacles such as small roots and rocks that less advanced riders may wheel lift over. You are comfortable and confident with a front wheel lift and rear wheel lift to get up and over larger obstacles (up to 6 inches) such as roots and rocks that are not rollable.

If you have ridden a bike park, you are comfortable on all green, blue and black trails.

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  • You are capable of riding for multiple days in a row at a moderate pace for an average of 3-4 hours of pedal time each day. You could handle adding in a day requiring up to 5 hours of pedal time.

  • You can handle moderate climbs up to 750 vertical metres (2,450 ft) total in a day.

  • You exercise on average 6 hours per week.

  • Your exercise regime includes a combination of endurance training like riding a bike and strength training.

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Culture level:Out there

Level Out there

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$2,995 USD

Step back in history as you experience vibrant Mayan culture in one of Central America's most spectacular countries. Guatemala is exploding with fascinating culture, spectacular scenery dotted with volcanoes and lakes, and technical trails through lush jungle and undulating undulating countryside. Join us for some winter sunshine as we embark on an epic mountain biking adventure in the land of the Mayas.