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Celebrate International Women's Mountain Bike Day

Did you know? Today is International Women’s Mountain Bike Day!   The International Mountain Bike Association  (IMBA)  has deemed  May 5th International Women’s Mountain Bike Day! A celebration of all the ladies...

05 May 2018 Posted By: Meredith Wires
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Why (Some) Mountain Biking Men Need To Grow The F!@# Up

Men, we have to do better.   Yesterday I saw a post in my Facebook feed - from a popular mountain bike group - that was a variation of a popular internet meme going around. Because of the heated discussion that ensued, the post has since been...

07 Oct 2017 Posted By: Mike Brcic
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Ridin' Solo on a Guided Mountain Bike Trip

Today's Guest post is from Monica Catalano, follow Monica on Instagram @wanderingmtbher   In May 2016 I had just gone through a pretty tough break-up. I needed to get away and clear my head and decided that a good challenge and doing...

29 Sep 2017 Posted By: Meredith Wires
guided mountain bike trip
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6 Lessons I Learned From My Month Of Mountain Biking

Today's Guest Post is from: Robyn Goldsmith - Follow Robyn on Instagram or on her blog , Scenes from the Trail.   I bought my first mountain bike last year. I was living in Kamloops, but with the prospect of moving to Revelstoke, I knew...

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6 Reasons More Women Should Mountain Bike

Today's guest post is from Marjorie Fernandez at Belle Rider.   Mountain biking has been around for decades and is continually evolving through the bikes, gear, trails and technology. It's also rapidly growing every year by...

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8 Signs Women's Mountain Biking Is On the Rise

Over the past 15 years, there has been an extraordinary shift  in the sport of mountain biking. The evolution of new technology, gear, races, destinations and the expansion of trail systems around the world has opened new doors for the sport....

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4 Mountain Biking Women I'd Love To Meet On The Trail

Women are taking over the mountain bike scene - and I love it. From epic endurance racers, downhill superstars and mountain biking moms - these women bring passion, dedication and female wisdom to the sport. I have been following the adventures,...

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S@#T Women Mountain Bikers Do

We’re our own breed.  A different walk of life.  We’re creative.  We’re loving.  We’re tough.  We’re sexy.  We’re strong.  And, we need to pee - often.   Always scheming...

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Mountain Biking For Women: From Alaska To South Africa

Today's guest post comes from endurance bike racer, Nikki Navio. Follow her amazing story and support her HERE.   My boyfriend is a cycling nut case. Although we've known each other for years, we only started dating six months ago....