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4 Reasons Mountain Biking With Your Dog Isn't A Good Idea

Today's guest post is from Richard  at The Dog Clinic.    The joy of watching your dog sprint through forested singletrack as you follow on your mountain bike is hard to beat, and riding with your dog certainly can be...
07 Dec 2018

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How to Film Mountain Bike Adventure Travel Videos

Today's guest post is from Tom Bell, a professional XC mountain bike racer, writer, podcaster and cycling coach., @bytombell.   Action cameras from GoPros to Garmins have given riders the tools to document...

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Give the Gift of Mountain Biking

If you’re pulling your hair out trying to find the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for your mountain biking partner, friend or family member - look no further! It’s time to give the gift of adventure! Share the mountain biking love by giving...

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The Power of Passion: Overcoming Cancer While Riding Strong

This past October, I had the pleasure of meeting Laurissa Stebeleski on our Women's Desert Rose Mountain Bike Adventure in southwestern Utah. The first night of the trip our guide, Johanna, asked each of us to introduce ourselves, share a story...

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10 Tips for International Mountain Bike Travel

The anticipation of international mountain bike travel can be stressful - especially when you're packing up your mountain bike to explore new trails and a new culture.  With the stress of planning trip logistics and the excitement of...

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Mountain Biking Guatemala, La Ruta De Maya Photo Journal

mountain biking guatemala, la ruta de maya   A few weeks ago, I had the chance to get a taste of mountain biking in Guatemala on a shortened version of our popular La  Ruta de Maya   Ride in and around Antigua. I was joined...

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Best Nutritional Snacks For Mountain Bike Travel

Today's guest post is from: Maria Banfield, a health and nutrition writer for Fit and Heal.   One of the most important aspects of traveling with your mountain bike is to make sure you're eating properly. Whether you're flying to...

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Photo Journal: Utah Mountain Biking Adventure, Women-Only!

It’s true what you hear about Utah - the grippy slick rock, the rocky roll-downs and the beautiful desert sunrises that jumpstart your day will captivate your sense of awe, and you’ll want to pedal for days. It’s truly a mountain...

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Overcoming Obstacles: On and Off The Trail

Today's Guest post is from Susan Thompson a mountain biker and occupational therapist, learn more at   Obstacles on the trail are lurking mute fixtures, vying for our attention. They seem like gnarly monsters...

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Photo Journal: Mountain Biking BC

The best Daily Dirt content always comes from our Riders, the passionate mountain bikers from around the globe that are eager to explore new trails, create long-lasting friendships and ride, ride, ride!  That's why after  our Ultimate...