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How Mountain Biking Increases Your Productivity

We live in a world that never slows down. We are constantly bombarded with new information, advertisements, online distractions, work projects and daily life tasks that our brains need to process, prioritize, organize and act on. It can be...
29 May 2019

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5 Reasons To Go Mountain Biking in BC

The snow is melting, the sun is shining and the singletrack is waiting for you. If you haven't experienced mountain biking in British Columbia (B.C.), perhaps this summer is your time to check it off your bucket list. The mountain bike trails in...

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5 Tips: taking your kids mountain biking

With the influx of screen-time, kids are spending  more and more time inside than ever before.  But, don't let  that get you down - think of it as an opportunity to  open a child's eyes to the wonders of the natural world...

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Mountain Bike Trails and More - A Local's Guide

Planning a multi-day mountain bike trip  to any destination can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Researching popular mountain bike trails suited to your skill level, types of accommodation that fit your budget  as well as understanding...

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'Share Your Ride' Monthly Contest!

Attention all past and future Sacred Riders!  We  invite you to share your awesome Sacred Rides photos, videos  and stories by entering our monthly 'Share Your Ride' contest. You can win awesome prizes, including free Rides...

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Mountain Biking Peru: A Reunion to Ride Peru's Sacred Valley

  What's the best way to reunite with a brother you haven't seen in awhile? A high-five at the Lima, Peru airport, and 8 days of mountain biking in Peru's Sacred Valley, of course!   Claus and Kim joined our  Inca...

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Mountain Biking Moab - The Porcupine Rim Trail - VIDEO

“Try to let go of any expectations.”   Those were the words from our guide and fearless leader, Johanna. We were getting ready to ride the all-too-famous Porcupine Rim trail in Moab, and she knew most of us were on the 6-day...

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Fernie Mountain Biking: The Top 10 Trails

Hey,  My name is Ryan and I'm the Ride Director and Lead Guide for Sacred Rides British Columbia. I've been in a steady relationship with bikes for about 32 years. I enjoy a wide variety of biking; be it all day all mountain, full speed...

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Your Dream Mountain Bike Adventure!

With mountain bike adventures  in fourteen different destinations - from experiencing  Inca culture in Peru to  riding the mountain biking mecca of Moab  - and  Rides  to fit all kinds of skill levels, budgets,  ...

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What Kind of Mountain Biker Are You?

This quiz uses a highly unscientific  algorithm to determine  what kind of mountain biker you are - based on your personal taste in  gear, your reaction to a bad crash  and your favourite superhero . Is this a silly quiz? YES...