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Photo Journal: Journey to Northern Thailand's Sacred Treasures

Thailand may be better known for its white sand beaches and ornate temples, but as we quickly discovered on Sacred Rides' latest 10-day tour, Northern Thailand happens to be riddled with an extensive network of singletrack and backcountry...
15 Apr 2019

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Fernie Mountain Biking: The Top 10 Trails

Hey,  My name is Ryan and I'm the Ride Director and Lead Guide for Sacred Rides British Columbia. I've been in a steady relationship with bikes for about 32 years. I enjoy a wide variety of biking; be it all day all mountain, full speed...

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Your Dream Mountain Bike Adventure!

With mountain bike adventures  in fourteen different destinations - from experiencing  Inca culture in Peru to  riding the mountain biking mecca of Moab  - and  Rides  to fit all kinds of skill levels, budgets,  ...

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What Kind of Mountain Biker Are You?

This quiz uses a highly unscientific  algorithm to determine  what kind of mountain biker you are - based on your personal taste in  gear, your reaction to a bad crash  and your favourite superhero . Is this a silly quiz? YES...

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Local's Guide to Mountain Biking In Nepal

Planning a multi-day  trip to Nepal (or any destination), especially a Nepal mountain bike trip, can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Researching popular trails suited to your skill level, types of accommodation that fit your budget and...

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A Local's Guide to Mountain Biking New Zealand

Planning a multi-day mountain bike trip can be overwhelming and time consuming. Researching popular trails suited to your skill level, types of accommodation that fit your budget and needs, as well as understanding the culture, people and cuisine of...

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Mountain Bike Tips: Don't Blame The Tree

Today's guest post is from Susan Thompson,  a mountain biker and occupational therapist  with  Handy Learning .   Let’s face it, sometimes we  crash. We all do. And yes, we may actually have the scars to...

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11 Ways to Inspire Your Friends To Join You on A Sacred Ride

refer-a-rider AND SAVE SOME $ FOR POST-RIDE DRINKS.   already been on a sacred ride? earn $.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few ideas to get the $100 bills...

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VIDEOS: Mountain Biking New Zealand

The best Daily Dirt content always comes from our Riders, the passionate mountain bikers from around the globe that are eager to explore new trails, create long-lasting friendships and ride, ride, ride! That's why after our Misty Mountain Hop...

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Tips for Buying a Mountain Bike - For the 'Non-Technically Minded'

Today's guest post is from Robyn Goldsmith.  Follow Robyn on Instragram, or through her blog "Scenes from the Trail." buying a mountain bike  Buying a new mountain bike can be an intimidating experience. If you aren...