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Video: Patagonia for Adventurers

Escape to Patagonia and experience paradise at the end of the world. This incredible itinerary offers up the perfect combination for adventure-seekers. Spend 9-days mountain biking and whitewater rafting in remote regions of the spectacular Andes...

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4 Post-Ride Exercises For Mountain Bikers

Today's guest post is from  Matt at evo.    Mountain biking is so much fun that it can make you forget how hard you’re working out on the trails. Once you get back home, however, you’ll be sure to feel the soreness...

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8 Recovery Tips For Mountain Bikers

Todays' guest post is from Trysh Sutton with Pure Path.    Cycling, especially mountain biking can be extremely taxing on the body. The inflammation that is felt after such as workout is due to microscopic tears in muscle fibers,...

mountain bike tips, mountain biking tips, mtb

8 Common Mountain Bike Mistakes

Today's Guest post is from Heather Lomax at Orangetheory Fitness.   Mountain biking is a tough and rewarding sport. If you're interested in trying mountain biking don’t shy away!  Use the tips below to ensure you avoid some...

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Mountain Biking and Paddling Patagonia

Patagonia conjures up images of snow-capped mountains,   fresh-flowing rivers, and wild landscapes.  There are plenty of opportunities for two-wheeled adventures, whitewater rafting and feeding your adventurous soul - not to mention,...

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4 Reasons To Mountain Bike In Iceland

Velkominn!   It's a phrase you'll hear from friendly  Icelanders as you pedal  through tundra landscapes and enjoy post-ride hot spring dips.     The unique work of Mother Nature has created a land that...

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Mountain Bike Training - Lower Body

Today's guest post is from  Matt at evo.    When riding a mountain bike, or any bike for that matter, your legs are obviously your main power source. Stronger legs mean more power and better endurance so you can log more miles...

mountain bike training, mtb training, mountain bike tips

Mountain Bike Training - Arms, Wrists & Hands

Today's Guest post with from Matthew  Sklar at evo    Mountain biking is all about strong legs, right? Hit the squats and you’ll be ready to rip - or not. Your upper body, namely your hands and wrists still play a major...

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How To Protect Wild Spaces for Wild Rides: A Mountain Biker's Perspective

Beyond an activity that provides an extraordinary amount of fun, mountain biking connects people with common interests, builds community and fosters an appreciation for wild spaces. As mountain bikers, we depend on wild places to stay wild. We have...

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Mountain Bike Training - Core and Shoulder Exercises

Today's guest post is from  Matthew Sklar at evo.    We started selling mountain bikes at evo not only because it's an amazing off-season sport for skiers and snowboarders, but also because mountain biking is a ridiculous...