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Where will you Mountain Bike in 2020?

Where will your 2020 mountain bike adventures take you? A new year brings new adventures.    Watch the video below for a little inspiration.      ready to plan your adventure? we can help....

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The Sacred Rides difference, and what makes us the "#1 Mountain Bike Tour Operator on Earth" as rated by National Geographic Adventure magazine
Staff Travel Tips


  Yesterday someone who was interested in booking one of our Rides (and doing some comparison shopping) asked about the difference between Sacred Rides and one of our competitors.    I took some time to think about...

Why Mountain Biking is just like Sex, by Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures

Why Mountain Biking is Just Like Sex, part II

Part 2 of our 'Why Mountain Biking is Just Like Sex' series (part 1 here), this time with submissions from our Facebook page.   If you ride too hard or too long, you're sore for a week Some say the dirtier the...

Top 10 tips for booking a cheap flight by Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures
Staff Travel Tips

Top 10 Tips for booking a cheap flight

Need to book a flight? Here are a few tips to help you get the best deal possible.  Have any of your own tips to share? Let us know in the comments below! 1. Sign Up for Alerts First, sign up for AirFareWatchDog’s fare alerts and...

The Commandments of Mountain Biking, Sacred Rides blog

The Commandments of Mountain Biking

From our friends over at, a list of the Top 25 Mountain Biking 'Commandments.'  Do you have your own rules of the trail? Post them in the comments below! Pay It Forward – Tubes, quick-links, a helping...

how to convince your spouse to let you go on a mountain bike trip

7 Ways to 'Sell' a Mountain Bike Trip to Your Significant Other

If you're a mountain biker of a certain vintage, it's probably not as easy to just take off somewhere with your bike as it used to be: there are other people to bring into the decision-making process when considering/planning a mountain bike...

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Top 20 Things Mountain Biking has Taught Me About Life

Good writers have often used sport as a metaphor for life: the lessons of playing field or arena applied to daily living. Lessons learned mountain biking can easily be applied to everyday life, and often what we learn on the trail reflects our...

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Staff Travel Tips

7 Adventure Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Research shows that over 30% of adventure travellers on guided trips report being dissatisfied with their experience. Often this comes down to some easily avoidable mistakes.   So, after 17 years of traveling the world with my mountain bike...

5 Tips for Flying With Your Mountain Bike by Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures

5 Tips for Flying With Your Mountain Bike

1. Get a proper case If you plan on traveling more than once with your mountain bike, or are doing multiple legs on your journey, invest in a proper case for your bike. Nothing sucks more than getting to your destination, opening up your...

Top 10 airlines for flying with your mountain bike

Top 10 Airlines for Flying With Your Mountain Bike

Dealing with airlines can often be the most frustrating aspect of mountain bike travel. You show up at the airport with your bike carefully packed up, walk up to the counter and place your bag on the scale... and then choke on your coffee as the...