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Fall Mountain BIke Gear for Women

If you’re anything like me, as the temperatures get cooler, the sunsets earlier and the leaves start falling, it becomes harder to stay motivated to hit the trails. But, mountain biking through the cooler fall season is one of the best...

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Staff Destinations

Video: Fire and Ice - Iceland

Well, we have officially ended our 2018 summer season!    We welcomed Riders from around the world to British Columbia,   Switzerland, Italy,   Slovenia, Croatia, and California to ride the best trails, ...

mountain bike nutrition, mountain biking superfoods, superfoods, nutrition, trainin

6 Superfoods That Sustain Your Energy While Riding

Today's guest post if from Scott Reid.    When you are planning to go on a long ride, or just need an energy boost for long days in the saddle, it’s important to make sure your diet is healthy and full of nutritious...

mountain bike clothing, mountain bike gear, mountain bike accessories, mountain bike shoes

How To Dress for Mountain Biking

Today's guest post is from Matt at evo.    Once you’ve acquired a bike, you’re almost ready to hit the trails - but not quite. Getting the right bike clothing and accessories can make the difference between...

beginner mountain biking, mountain bike tips, mountain biking tips, mtb for beginners

5 Reasons to Try Mountain Biking

Today's guest post is from Sophie Elise.   Mountain biking is gaining popularity, with trails, bike clinics, events and races for all skill levels and riding styles popping up across the country, you're guaranteed to find an...

mountain bike tips, mountain bike impact

How to Minimize Your Environmental Impact When Mountain Biking

Mountain biking can be a darn right spiritual experience. Ripping and riding through trails, surrounded by the sounds, smells, and sights of the natural world make you feel alive.    Living in the moment becomes a little easier...

group mountain bike rides, mtb rides, group mtb rides, mountain biking in groups

10 Tips for Group Mountain Bike Rides

Group mountain bike rides are an amazing way to meet new people, learn new skills and discover new trails. Mountain bike club rides or organizing a group of friends to bike together offers up a completely different experience than riding on your...

mountain bike accessories, mountain bike gear

5 Must Have Mountain Bike Accessories

Today's guest post is from Matthew Sklar at evo.    You just got a new mountain bike, and you’re itching to get out and explore. Before you do though, it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary gear...

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Staff Travel Tips

6 Tips For Buying Adventure Travel Insurance

You’ve booked your dream adventure holiday - mountain biking in the Andes, hiking in the Alps or climbing in Utah. You’ve been saving your pennies, finally locked down the dates and started to plan. But, how do you protect your travel...

mountain bike tips, beginner mountain biking, mountain bike beginners, mountain bike resources

5 Resources for Beginner Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking can be a little overwhelming for beginners. Don’t fret, even the pros were beginners at one point. To help fuel your excitement for the sport, we’ve compiled a few video resources that will help build your skills and your...