La Ruta de Maya, Guatamala tour - ABBREVIATED

Guatemala is a special place. Antigua, a small city in the south where we begin our tour is beautiful with kind and genuine locals and some of the best coffee I've had. Lucky for me, mountain biking is the very best way to experience this...

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7 Awesome Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

You’ve already spent a pretty penny on your bike, so why not squeeze every ounce of pure blissful joy out of it? Regular preventive mountain bike maintenance will keep your mountain bike rolling safely for longer. Doing your own bike...

trailside snacks, bike nutrition, health and wellness

Chocolate Fudge Raw Vegan Brownie Bars

  Yummy mountain bike nutrition!   This recipe is 100% gluten free, vegan and paleo.    Ingredients: • 2 cups Roasted Mixed Nuts (I suggest Central Roast Roasted Mixed Nuts with Sea Salt)...

How to Eat While Mountain Biking - the Ride 'Meal'

Mountain Bike Nutrition, Part 1 - The Ride 'Meal'   If you are anything like me, and most avid cyclists I know, you like to eat - a lot.  This shouldn't change when on the bike.  Eat - a lot, and often.  ...

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How to buy your first mountain bike

The following is a guest post by our friend Corey Maddocks at If you're looking for more information like this, check out our 66-page  Beginner's Guide to Mountain Biking e-book - download it for free using the form at...

women's mountain bike survey results by Sacred Rides
Staff For Women

Women's Mountain Bike Survey Results

A huge shout out to all the women (2110 to be exact!) that participated in our Survey: Women's Mountain Bike Trips and Skills Camps.   At Sacred Rides, we like to help the mountain bike community in any way possible, so we have...


Sacred Rides and the East Coast Trail

  Over the past week, there has been a significant public relations battle being waged (see here, here and here for examples), between St. John’s area hikers (mainly via the East Coast Trail Association, or ECTA) and...

mountain bike training

6 Awesome Mountain Bike Training Exercises

Your own mountain biking training program! Here are 6 awesome training exercises you can use to get you mountain biking faster, stronger, and with fewer injuries, from our friend Steven Moniz at Monvida Sports. Squats Squats work your...

image riding rocky

Only five weekends of training left

What can / should you do in 46 days when you have a 10 MTB tour with Sacred Rides coming up, in like 46 days? A whole lot more riding and a ramped up fitness programme. With only 5 weekends until we leave for Peru we have a fun filled programme...

13 ways to be a mountain bike ambassador by Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures

Thirteen Ways to Be a Mountain Bike Ambassador

Whether you’re going for a spin on your local trails or venturing to foreign lands, once you strap on a helmet and throw your leg over your fat-tired steed, you earn your title as a mountain biker. Now we all know mountain bikers to be a...