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Must Watch: Inspirational Mountain Bike Videos

Here is a collection of six inspiring mountain bike videos that will motivate you to hit the trails.  From  youth trail building initiatives in the Yukon to  81-year old mountain bikers that shred, there are extraordinary everyday...
16 May 2019

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Only five weekends of training left

What can / should you do in 46 days when you have a 10 MTB tour with Sacred Rides coming up, in like 46 days? A whole lot more riding and a ramped up fitness programme. With only 5 weekends until we leave for Peru we have a fun filled programme...

30 Jun 2014 Posted By: Raewyn Knight
13 ways to be a mountain bike ambassador by Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures

Thirteen Ways to Be a Mountain Bike Ambassador

Whether you’re going for a spin on your local trails or venturing to foreign lands, once you strap on a helmet and throw your leg over your fat-tired steed, you earn your title as a mountain biker. Now we all know mountain bikers to be a...

12 May 2014 Posted By: Mike Brcic
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Riding rude rock trail Queenstown

Good tastes

We took a leaf out of Sacred rides book and did some Peru training at the location of their 'New Zealand Misty Mountain Hop' tour, Queenstown. Wow, as 'local' kiwis we certainly shouldn't have waited this long to get down there....

28 Apr 2014 Posted By: Raewyn Knight

Counting down the hours.

July cant come quick enough, will be heading out to Lima in the capable hands of Sacred Rides. To say I am excited is a massive understatement!!!. So far everthing has been a breeze - Nate and the crew have made me feel confident that this WILL be...

28 Mar 2014 Posted By: Ian Tucker
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The Hype about Plyometrics

Guest post by Steven Moniz, Owner and founder of Monvida Sports   Part 1 of our 3-Part Series on Plyometrics   What is a plyometric exercise, and how does it improve performance?    The definition of a plyometric...


Sacred Rides' Top 10 MTB Gear List

Our guides log in a helluva lot of miles on their bikes – usually well over 2,500 miles during their respective riding seasons. And with all that riding comes a certain level of expertise in the realm of mountain bike gear – what works...

26 Feb 2014 Posted By: Nate Lessnick
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post-ride beers

Ode to the Post-Ride Beer

One man’s profession of love for the humble Post-Ride Beer   Oh, Post-Ride Beer   You endure the bumps and tumble of singletrack When carried in the depths of my Camelback But I love you...

28 Jan 2014 Posted By: Nate Lessnick
post-ride beer

On Your Own or With a Guide: The Pros and Cons

The age-old question: should I do it on my own, with all the freedom and all the research and work that entails, or sacrifice some of that freedom for the fun of being in a group and relief of having all the details taken care of by someone else?...

11 Jan 2014 Posted By: Nate Lessnick
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Road Bike VS Mountain Bike: 10 Reasons Why Mountain Biking is Better than Road Biking

First off, a disclaimer: I'm a mountain biker. Always have been, always will. And as the founder of a mountain bike adventure company, I've made it my career. So I'm more than a bit biased when  thinking... road bike vs mountain...