6 Reasons We Love Mountain Biking (And You Should Too!)

Mountain bike inspiration
November 1st, 2018

For over 20 years, we've been creating, operating and guiding mountain bike adventures around the world. With every year that passes, every ride that ends and every person we ride with, our inspiration, love and passion for mountain biking grows more and more.


Here's a few reasons why we love mountain biking - and why you should love it too (if you don't already!)


1. mountain biking connects us to the natural world. 

We truly believe that mountain biking is one of the best ways to connect with nature and escape the city.   It's becoming increasingly difficult to disconnect from  technology and live in the moment - both of which become much easier if you're pedalling through forested singletrack, navigating roots and rocks and focusing on the trail ahead. 



2.  mountain biking is challenging. 

If you've never tried mountain biking, it's easy to watch professional mountain bikers race or compete and think  "it's just like riding a bike, right?" Well, not really.  Mountain biking takes a high degree of mental and physical stamina, whether you're competing or just trying to keep up with your mountain bike fanatic friend. It allows us to recognize our weaknesses and work on our skills to become better riders. Every mountain biker will crash, but mountain biking is a great way to push your comfort zone and gain confidence.  Ride with mountain bikers that are faster than you and more technically strong - instead of feeling defeated by their  skills,  power through to keep up with them and improve your technique. 



3. mountain biking makes us feel superhuman. 

Yes, mountain biking can be an incredible challenge, but on the opposite side... it can also make us feel superhuman.  Nothing beats the feeling when you finally ride a drop, obstacle or skinny you've been trying to conquer for months (or years), or when you dig deep in your lungs to power through a gruelling climb to reach the summit.  These moments of perseverance and success offer up incredible motivators  to increase our confidence both on and off the bike, as well as feel stronger and more capable. 



4. mountain biking creates connections. 

The mountain biking community is incredible, and it spans across the globe.  There's a certain magic that happens when people come together to ride bikes. You end up not only motivating each other on the bike, but also creating life-long memories over delicious meals and post-ride beverages. You end up learning together and elevating each other's experience through a shared connection.  You also share that passion and love of sport with the people around you, offering inspiration and new perspectives to people that are new to the sport.  



5. mountain biking is a dynamic work-out. 

From technical skills that require balance, focus and proper body positioning to cardio sprints - mountain biking offers up a dynamic work-out that makes us stronger.  Whether testing our your balance when riding over a skinny or pushing your cardio limits on an excruciating climb, mountain biking requires strength, focus and healthy lungs.



6. mountain biking and beer. 

Do we need to say more?! Beer (or a beverage of your choice) seems to go hand-in-hand with mountain biking.  After breaking a good sweat with good friends, chatting about the day's ride over a cold one is the perfect way to decompress and  top off the ride.