8 Videos That Will Make You Want to Mountain Bike In Peru

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November 8th, 2018

We invited Ryan from the Loam Ranger YouTube Channel to join us on our Inca Trail All-Mountain ride in Peru. 


Ryan isn't only a great mountain biker.   He also has a special talent for capturing moments that make our jaws drop and telling stories that inspire us all to ride and explore a little more. 


Over the course of the 9-day ride, Ryan produced 8 videos that showcase the stunning beauty of the  Andean landscape, the unique culture and welcoming people of Peru, as well as the  'hair-raising' and technical descents that Peru is known for.  


Since videos are much more captivating than anything I could write.... enjoy! 


1. Day one: welcome to cusco, peru 


2. day three: shuttling to 14,000 Feet. twice. 


3. day three: lap two


4. feeling sick? go for a ride. 


5. the perfect day on the bike 


6. a little peru exposure 


7. the final day 


8. bonus ride: mega avalanche downhill course 


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