10 Things Only Mountain Bikers Would Understand

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September 4th, 2015

For many people, mountain biking is a lifestlye. It also has a very distinct culture that goes along with it... and it's a pretty rad culture to boot. As a mountain biking community, there are certain experiences and cultural anecdotes that we can all relate to and have a good laugh over.

Here are 10 Things Only Mountain Bikers Would Understand...

1. Pardon, you Walk in The Woods?

You go for a nice stroll through the forest with friends, and get a little jittery.  Your head spins around, your palms get sweaty and you wish you had your bike. When hiking any trail - you consistently say to yourself "I could bike this." Having two wheels hit the ground versus two feet feels much better!

2. You know The True Meaning of "Distracted Driving"

Forget the cell phones, distracted driving simply means checking out the type of mountain bike strapped to the car in front of you. “I wonder what trails they are going to ride?” “Are those 29ers?” “Hardtail? Full suspension?” So many questions!

3. You Love the Feeling of Mud against Your Legs

There is something liberating about riding through the mud and returning home with dirt on your legs, arms, face… etcetera. It means it was a good ride. Not to mention the inside of your car always looks like you just finished a great adventure.

4. You find pleasure in a post-ride beverage

Sure, everyone loves to go for a beer, but there is something special when you earn it on the trail. The next best thing to hitting some singletrack, is the post-ride beer after the ride. For mountain bikers, it’s not just a beverage – it’s a moment to share your trail stories, learn from your trail buddies and review your recent bumps and bruises.

5. You Find Yourself “Checking Out” Bikes Before Beings 

Getting ready at the trailhead with a group of friends is always an exciting time. You can feel the energy and anticipation of the ride ahead. But you may have the tendency to “check out” other riders in the parking lot – and I’m not talking about their butts and strong legs. I’m talking about drooling over their bikes and gear.


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6. You Tend To Have Chain Grease on You – All the Time  

You’re used to that staple grease mark on your right leg or on your hands from doing some trailside maintenance. While other people might give you strange looks for being ‘dirty’ you are quick to point out mountain bikers in a crowd that sport the same markings.

7. “Put a Bike On It”

Marketing gets you. Put a picture of a bike on a coffee mug, t-shirt or sticker and its value instantly increases in your eyes.

8. You have a great relationship with your local bike shop.

It’s a little bit like walking into Cheers, where everyone knows your name. We all know committing to mountain biking isn’t the easiest on your bank account – but you find shooting the breeze about the latest gear or local trails with the bike shop staff is always a great way to spend an hour.

9. Lycra Isn’t Only For Figure Skaters and GymnastS

Depending on your riding style and preferences you may have dabbled in the world of lycra. Lycra gives you speed, tenacity and once it touches your skin – You are ready to race, ready to ride!

10. You Clean Your Bike More than Your Kitchen or Bathroom

You take pride in a squeaky-clean frame, polished cogs and a lubricated chain.  Cleaning your bike is a nice little Sunday afternoon activity… after your Sunday morning ride of course.

what else can you add? Let us know in the comments below!