The Key to Being Happy? Focus on (MTB) Experiences, Not Things

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November 25th, 2019

Too often we place our focus on accumulating things. It's a quick fix for making us feel happy and complete - but is it really feeding our souls in the long run? New research suggests that those material items definitely don't make us feel content down the road. Experiences, on the other hand, are something that can be treasured and shared forever. You learn from new (and old!) experiences, you can  share them with others and you can continually look back on memories to recognize your own personal growth and successes. Spending your hard-earned money on experiences also encourages you to tap into the need to connect with and build your own community by meeting new people and creating long-lasting friendships. Experiences also encourage you to live in the moment with the people around you, and focus on being present over playing with the latest iPhone.


Here are some reasons to travel, take a class, go on an outdoor adventure, go to a play or hit the trails over buying those material goodies.  

1. Experiences Hold Their Value

That fancy new car you just bought isn’t going to hold its value for very long. Just driving the car off the lot causes the price to depreciate.  With experiences, you never have that problem. The memories you make will last a lifetime and will help define you over time. Experiences help you express and build on your values by focusing on the people you care about and the community you want to build.   If you are looking for a meaningful experience -  take a trip with friends, pick up a hobby (perhaps mountain biking, wink wink) or buy tickets to your local theatre.   

2. It’s A Lot Less Clutter

De-clutter your space and live simply. Once brand new and a prized possession, those material goods will eventually start to show their wear and tear, and be shoved to the back of the closet. Material items tend to lose their apeal over time. Yes, we require some 'things'  to help us curate experiences, but try to de-clutter your space and focus on a few items that are sure to bring you joy and endless opportunities to experience the world around you. (ie. a mountain bike!) Experiences are stored in your mind, to be shared through story-telling, to be re-told and re-lived as often as you like.

3. Experiences Get You Out And About

We are social beings and experiences give you a chance to get out of your house, out of  your comfort zone, and explore new places. Investing in experiences also creates an opportunity to bond with others - it's much easier to make meaningful connections through shared experiences than discussing the recent  throw blanket  you bought. There are so many things you can do in the world—trips,  concerts, volunteering (trailbuilding, perhaps?). When there’s that much available to you, why spend all your money on stuff?


4. Experiences Help You Connect To People

If you spend a couple weeks with someone exploring a new country, you’re going to feel a pretty big connection with them. The challenges, joys and meaingful moments you share through travel help create long-lasting friendships that material goods just don't foster.   And yes, if we're talking about travel - you will need to purchaes a few items  for your trip , but we encourage you to pack light, live simply and  be thrifty. 

5. They Don’t Make You Feel Inadequate If You Don’t Have Enough

Many people feel pressure to 'keep up with the joneses'  when it comes to purchasing the latest and greatest material goods. People feel the need to have the latest phones and the most fashionable clothing, but it never seems to be enough. The reality is that you’re never going to feel like you have enough. You can buy a ton of 'things,' but they’re never going to be able to fill that void you have if you’re concerned with having as much as everyone else. Experiences aren’t something that lead to competition. Experiences are harder to compare than material goods because they have special memories for each individual that others just can’t compete with.

6. The Excitement Lasts 

One of the reasons material things don’t make us as happy is because we get used to that thing over time. You can be insanely excited when you get the new iPhone, but over time it’ll just become another everyday thing. With an experience, you can relive it, retell it and share your stories over and over with the same excitement. You remember it fondly and it doesn't have the chance to become something you just get used to. Experiences give you the opportunity for personal transformation and growth. So, what do you say?   Where will you go next? What's on your experience "bucket list"? 

Sell some of that unnecessary stuff in your house and start a fund for a new hobby! Perhaps a mountain bike fund?


Here's to your new experiences and exploring the world around you. 


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