Review: What Our Riders Are Saying

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November 16th, 2018

At the end of each Sacred Ride, we ask our Riders to submit a short survey about their overall experience. From food to accommodation, the trails and guiding, we love reading about the unforgettable moments on and off the bike. It's a wonderful reminder that bringing people together from around the world through a shared passion creates life-long friendships and day dream-worthy moments for years to come.


You'll notice there's a common theme in these comments. No matter where you are in the world and what you're doing, it's the people around you that make it special. For that, a big thank you to our amazing guiding team!


Here are a few comments from past Riders that bring a big smile to our faces.  


"If I do not sign up for another ride with sacred rides it can only mean one of three things:

1. I have lost all financial gifts and can no longer afford to spend money.

2. I have injured myself beyond repair and can no longer ride.

3. I have died."

~ Richard, Patagonia Pedal and Paddle 


"Since day one I felt like I was visiting great friends that were just taking me out to their local trails. I feel a great bond with them all and I hope they feel the same. I consider them great friends and hope to maintain a relationship with the guides for life. Rajesh is such a beautiful soul and he brings joy to every room and situation. Likewise, Nishan is such a sweet man and brought joy to my heart each day. Finally, Mandil is the best momma-bear and kind hearted person I have met. He was always aware of everything that needed to be done and herded us while making us want to follow and have fun. He brought humor and engagement for the group. I am so blessed have met all these wonderful spirits!" 

~ Krishtof, treasures of the himalaya, nepal


"I am very busy, i make so many decisions day-to-day in my professional life that coming away and letting someone else take care of all the details was truly sacred! Everything from hotels to which trails to what time.... an organized group ride was a sacred experience."

~ Alison, Inca Trail All Mountain, Peru

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"Sil, Sander, and Bas (guides) were excellent guides!  Really concerned over our well-being, listened to our requests and changed the riding plans when possible, provided helpful instruction, one of them always stayed behind with the last rider so that no one got left behind, and they are all great riders.  They really went out of their way to make our anniversary trip special by getting us an anniversary cake."

~ gina, alpen thrills, switzerland/italy 

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"I have ridden in many places on many continents and the overall experience delivered by the team here in Nepal made it the best i have done. Spectaculaaaaaarrrr!! The Lubra Crest trail had be laughing manically to myself. I didn't think, following my vast year of riding that I could peak so late in the season, but I did. Unfortunately, I may have peaked for life!"

~ Stuart,  Treasures of the Himalaya, Nepal

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"The guides were amazing. The perfect balance of being responsible, but also letting us have some freedom to try things, test our limits and learn. I have been on a few guided rides and these guys probably taught me the most and in the shortest time frame in terms of how to ride the Iceland terrain. There are always little things to learn about riding a specific terrain in different countries and David and Gummi did an excellent job providing tips and teaching us all. I always felt prepared and safe when riding the trails. They provided enough details to allow us to relax and have some fun throughout the trails they chose.  They were friendly and respectful. They genuinely seemed to love their jobs and mountain biking in general. They were adaptable to weather circumstances and easily managed the group. We had lots of info on our itinerary and everyone knew they had a handle on things so we could relax and enjoy our active vacation. Absolutely great guides and would love to do more rides with them."

~ Tracey, Fire and Ice, Iceland

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"Julie and Johanna (guides) made this trip so special. They rolled with the challenges (10 flats!) and made the experience so fun. Johanna jumping in to do our yoga classes was so appreciated. I felt they had it all dialled in. They were so in tune with the group and making changes as needed. I was never worried about what was next with the two of them."

~ Shanon, Pura Vida Yoga and Mountain Bike Retreat, Costa Rica

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"The guides (Ben and Cristina) were very knowledgeable about the trails, the technical skill needed to navigate trails, and their riders comfort and skill level. Guides were friendly, personable, patient and encouraging. Sincerely, these were the best guides I have ever had on any guided trip - Their passion for sharing the wonderful riding of New Zealand and New Zealand culture, as well as their enthusiasm was top notch. I feel they went above and beyond in their guide duties and really made the trip special. The guides ability manage unexpected weather conditions that threw a monkey wrench in our itinerary and still find a way to give us a unique and fun riding experience, remarkable. The communication could not have been better. I honestly cannot think of a way they could improve - they nailed it."

~ Kelly,  Misty Mountain Hop, New Zealand

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