13 Quirks of Female Mountain Bikers

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April 16th, 2019

I'm hoping there are a few mountain bike ladies out there that can relate to the following thirteen quirks. We're an eclectic bunch of women who don't mind mud on our face and bruises on our shins.   


What other quirks can you think of?  Let us know in the comments below!


1. You don’t mind mud on your face and chain grease on your hands.

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2. Wearing shorts or a summer dress means the bruises and scars on your legs will be a topic of conversation.


3. You feel most comfortable wearing a trucker hat and flip flops after a summer ride.


4. You keep chain lube in your car.

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5. You judge a man by the size of his… wheels.


6. You have a supportive crew of amazing female riders.

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7. You have impressive ‘snot rocket’ skills.


8. You secretly love riding faster and stronger than your male counterparts.

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9. You’re confident and comfortable peeing the woods.


10. You often let out a ‘woohoo’ or a ‘YAY!’ while riding your favourite trail.

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11. If you’re single, you swipe right on men with mountain bike photos.

12. If you’re with a partner, you ride with them or tried your darndest to share your passion with them.