Video: Patagonia for Adventurers

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March 10th, 2020

Escape to Patagonia and experience paradise at the end of the world. This incredible itinerary offers up the perfect combination for adventure-seekers. Spend 9-days mountain biking and whitewater rafting in remote regions of the spectacular Andes mountain range with the experience and knowledge of local guides. Watch the video below for a glimpse and  read what other Riders are saying about their experience with us in Patagonia...


 "The riding was awesome, it covered all the sights and types of terrain that the locals would do in Patagonia.   I thought the planning and variety of the trails were awesome and the guides really took into account our styles and abilities and made adjustments every day to ensure we got the most out of every opportunity to have fun while challenging ourselves and getting the true Patagonia riding experience. My favourite trail was the Manso Forest trail which was so beautiful! We certainly got enough riding, and the guides made sure every individual person got to do as much riding as they wanted, going out of their way to arrange for some to have a rest but still get to experience all the excitement they had to offer, as well as ensuring those that wanted more riding could also fit that in without leaving anyone feeling left out. Amazing organization and flexibility!"


"One of the things I liked most about the trip was learning about Patagonia, the wildlife, flora, rivers and culture.. Julian was excellent at this. He is an excellent guide and his skills couldn't be faulted.  All the guides were friendly and helpful. They looked after my bike very well in transit. The daily itinerary was well communicated the night before."


"Julian (guide) is off the charts...a 9/9 just doesn't cut it!! He's professional, playful, and a perfectionist! He's inspiring, strong in leadership skills and will call you out ..if need be! Lol! Ezekiel is the strong silent type with a heart of gold- the best smile and an amazing rider as we watched him casually bring another bike down a very steep hill as if it were nothing! Wow! We also had time with Mirco, who is intelligent, kind and so willing to go the extra mile for everyone! He's got a quick smile and could probably ride for days, he's also great in the kitchen! He's willing to do whatever is needed! All guides were so informed regarding trails, history, and culture. They were patient when asked unnecessary questions, they were always keeping us up to date with the daily itinerary. They were SO friendly and all had great personalities- a great team!!"



patagonia awaits! explore the itinerary.